Why CareSuper

Discover the benefits of belonging to a top-performing super fund. 

When you join CareSuper, you’re joining more than 220,000 Australians who trust us to put them in the best possible financial position for life after work. And why wouldn’t they? We’re one of Australia’s leading super funds, with a track record of outperformance over the long term. That means more super for members like you. 

Award-winning, high performance super
Industry experts have rated us one of Australia’s top-performing funds year after year, so you know you’re in good hands. Why not compare us yourself?
Competitive fees
We know it’s your overall super balance that counts, so we work hard to outperform while keeping our fees competitive. We’re also an Industry SuperFund, which means our profits go straight back to members.
Active investing
Our history of outperformance is built on the success of our unique investment strategy. We focus on protecting your investments from market volatility during uncertain times while actively seeking the best opportunities in Australia and overseas.
Extra member benefits
Save more on everyday insurance, finance and banking essentials, and enjoy access to financial advice, educational tools and networking events.

Sustainable super

We’re a certified carbon neutral fund and we care about investing your super for the long term. There’s also a dedicated investment option that seeks to respond to social and environmental concerns while delivering strong long-term returns.
How can I compare CareSuper’s performance?

Head to our How we compare page to understand how we stack up against our peers after fees and taxes are taken into account. See what the experts say and compare our Balanced option with other super funds to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

How we compare

Does CareSuper offer insurance?

We sure do. If your employer pays your super, you’ll receive our insurance standard cover when you meet the eligibility criteria. Standard cover protects you if you can no longer work due injury or illness and provides a payment for your family if you pass away. You can apply to increase or decrease your insurance cover, or for additional cover like income protection, any time.

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Why should I choose an Industry SuperFund?

By choosing an Industry SuperFund, you’re choosing a super fund that is run in your best interests and return profits back to members. Industry funds are different to ‘retail funds’, which are generally run by financial institutions like banks, and their profits go back to shareholders and investors. 

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