Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy

Guides the way we invest your super savings

Our investment philosophy guides the way we invest your super savings. As a CareSuper member, you benefit from our dual investment approach. We actively manage your super, taking advantage when markets rise. But we also protect your super during volatile times. The result? A smoother ride to your life after work.

Key pillars of our investment philosophy

1. We transcend short-term trends

We don’t get distracted by short-term market events. In fact, we’re always looking to your future. We’re here to give you real growth over time, so you can enjoy years of income from your super.

2. We actively manage investments

We search for the best investment opportunities in Australia and overseas. And we add extra value by choosing specialised investments that we believe have potential to outperform the market. Not every super fund can do this, but our size means we can secure prime investments, as well as niche opportunities. All of this means we strive to add to your return and reduce risk. We put our historically strong returns* down to our active management approach.

3. We diversify your super

The best defence against unpredictable investment markets? Diversification. We spread investments in the Managed Options across a mix of asset classes, so your returns don’t rely on a single asset class performing well all the time. Explore how CareSuper’s investment options give you diversification across and within asset classes.

4. We protect your savings

There will be ups and downs over the life of your super. It’s how we prepare for changes that matters. We employ strategies that aim to minimise the impact of negative returns when the market falls. This is called ‘downside protection’. Protecting against downside risk means we’re better prepared for market downturns, and you can be more confident about recovering losses. Learn more

5. We invest sustainably

We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when choosing investments. And we ask our investment managers to do the same. Along with economic and market-related factors, we believe that ESG factors are important as they can have a long-term impact on how your super performs. Learn more.

How we invest for your future

Chief Investment Officer, Suzanne Branton, explains CareSuper’s active approach to investing which works to provide downside protection to ‘smooth’ out some of the highs and lows of share market volatility and maximise returns over the long term.

How we invest - Active investing.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.