Spare change calculator

A little effort now for a big difference later 

Making additional super contributions now can make a significant difference to your final balance when you wind-down work - thanks largely to the magic of compound interest. 

Use this calculator to discover how much extra you could afford to contribute now and see how it could add up for you in the future. 

Should I contribute extra to my super?

Making additional contributions as early as possible can make a big difference to your balance when you stop working. There’s several ways to boost your super balance, and you may even save yourself some tax at the same time.

We’re all at different stages in our lives, so it’s an individual decision. You need to consider if relying solely on the contributions your employer makes to your super will be enough to provide the lifestyle you want later.

Head to our Boosting your super factsheet for more.

How can I contribute extra money to my super?

You can make additional super contributions via BPAY, payroll deduction or cheque. 

You don’t need to rely solely on your employer to grow your super savings. You could save more and boost your balance by making extra contributions — due to compounding interest, generally the sooner you start the better. 

Find out more on our super contribution types page.

How much money can I contribute to my super?

Your contribution limits or ‘caps’ will depend on how you are making your contribution — contributions are either non-concessional (before-tax) or concessional (after-tax). 

If you do make contributions that exceed your caps you may have to pay additional tax.

To find out more, including the contribution limits for this financial year, visit our super contribution limits page.

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