Help to apply for the Age Pension

Get expert advice around applying for the age pension with specialist provider, Retirement Essentials.

Applying for the Age Pension on your own can be a complicated process – dealing with complex forms, long wait times and many in-person visits to Centrelink. 

Retirement Essentials is an Australian owned, independent organisation that has successfully helped many Australians understand, apply for, and receive all their Age Pension entitlements from the comfort of their own home.

The benefits 

Applying for the Age Pension through Retirement Essentials can help you feel supported and in control. The benefits of the service include:

  • A simple online process to get you started
  • Less frustration – one planned, stress-free visit to Centrelink 
  • Personalised help from an Age Pension Specialist to guide you through the application process
  • Knowledge and experience to ensure your claim is prepared correctly and approved as promptly as possible 
  • Confidence you’re getting all your Age Pension entitlements. 

Eligibility requirements 

Not sure if you qualify for the Age Pension? Before you proceed, it’s a good idea to ensure you meet the minimum age and residency requirements. Find more information about Age Pension eligibility.

Starting your secure online application

Your application starts with a few questions about your relationship status, age, and income and assets. 

Fees apply for this service and vary depending on whether you’re single or in a couple, and depending on how complex your circumstances are. Once your application has been reviewed and assessed by Retirement Essentials, you’ll receive a quote and can decide whether or not to proceed. 

Super and the government Age Pension
Your income in retirement can be varied. In addition to your super, you may be eligible for the Age Pension, and other government entitlements to help you meet your expenses in your post work life. Find the eligibility requirements, Age Pension rates, other government entitlements you may be able to access, how to apply, and more, here.
Attend our Centrelink & the Age Pension webinar
This webinar steps you through qualifying and applying for the Age Pension. It explores the means test used by Centrelink and ways you can improve your Age Pension eligibility, some case studies to help you better understand how your financial situation might affect your application, and how to apply for the Age Pension.

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