Calculate what you need

Calculate what you need

See your financial future with our online calculators

Curious about what your future income might look like, or how extra contributions could help your super grow? Our online calculators can help you plan the future you want. Let’s get started.

Small change, big difference
Look at how different contribution strategies can affect your super savings and find an approach that’s right for you.
Calculate my future income
What kind of income will you have after finishing paid work? See how your super is tracking and what you can do to create the lifestyle you want.

These super calculators are provided to CareSuper members to enable them to engage with and consider their future income in retirement. The super planning calculators provide an indication only based on limited information, which is not guaranteed. Information used in preparing your projections is based on information that you provide, and the assumptions that sit behind these calculators are considered to be from a reliable source. However, the information supplied by the calculator should not be relied upon as a true representation of any actual superannuation entitlements or benefits.

You should consider your own circumstances and read the appropriate Product Disclosure Statements prior to making any decisions.

You may wish to consult a licensed adviser.