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How to access your client’s CareSuper account information 

To gain access to your client’s CareSuper account details, we need their written consent. 

They can provide consent in two ways: 

  • By completing and returning an Authority to access information form, or 
  • Providing signed authority instructions on your letterhead, by email or post. 

To grant you access to the account details as promptly as possible, we require the following regarding the form or authority instructions:  

  • A copy of your client’s proof of identity must be attached to the form or the authority instructions (this ID doesn’t need to be certified)   
  • The form is fully completed, signed and dated by your client, and any edits are initialled  
  • The authority instructions are addressed to CareSuper 
  • If the authority is to be in place for less than 24 months, you must include the expiry instruction for the authority, signed by the member 
  • If other staff members within your practice require access, their details must also be included. 

Once we’ve received and approved written consent 

  • You’ll be able to access details of your client’s account for up to 24 months, or the length of time specified on the form or instructions 
  • Your client will also receive a confirmation letter to let them know 
  • If an expiry date wasn’t specified on the original form or authority instructions, and you and your client want to extend or shorten it, your client will have to send us further instructions.  

Financial planning fees 

If you provide financial advice to a CareSuper member where some or all the advice relates solely to the assets in their CareSuper account(s), your financial planning fees may be deducted from this account. 

You and your client will need to complete and return an Advice fee deduction form that must confirm: 

  • Your client has consented to the fee deduction    
  • You’ve assessed the impact of the fee deduction on your client’s super or pension account balance  
  • You’ve provided personal advice recommendations within a Statement of Advice (SOA) or Record of Advice (ROA). 

You must attach the following supporting evidence to the returned form: 

  • A certified copy (or copies) of the client’s proof of identity. For example, a passport or driver licence 
  • A copy of the tax invoice.   

Financial planning fee limits 

Your client can request to deduct up to $1,500 including GST per financial year from their CareSuper account to pay for financial planning fees. However, their CareSuper account must maintain a minimum account balance of $1,000 after the advice fee has been withdrawn.  

Partnering with CareSuper 

If you’re an adviser and you’d like more information about partnering with CareSuper, please get in touch. You can contact our Head of Financial Advice, Renae Anderson at 

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