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How to access your client’s CareSuper account

To gain access to your client’s CareSuper account, we need their written consent.

They can provide this in two ways:

  1. Complete an Authority to access information form and return to us by post.
  2. Provide their signed authority instructions on your letterhead, by email or post.

To ensure a smooth process, follow these tips:

  • Address the authority instructions to CareSuper
  • Have it signed and dated by your client
  • Ensure your client initials any changes
  • Include your client’s full name, CareSuper member number, postal address, date of birth and contact number to ensure we correctly identify them
  • Include a copy of their photo ID (for example, current driver’s licence or passport). It doesn’t need to be certified
  • For other staff members of your practice to access the account, their details will need to be included.

Once we’ve received written consent

  • You’ll be granted access to your client’s account details for 24 months
  • Your client will also receive a confirmation letter to let them know
  • To extend the 24 months your client will have to send us further instructions
  • To shorten the 24 months, your client can cancel the access in writing or specify a shorter period in the initial authority instructions

Financial planning fees

If you provide financial advice to a CareSuper member, your financial planning fees may be deducted from your client’s CareSuper account in certain circumstances.

You or your client will need to send us the invoice at

In order for the invoice to be processed it needs to:

  • Be addressed to CareSuper
  • Include your business letterhead
  • Clearly state your client’s name and their CareSuper account details and member number
  • Clearly state your financial planning fees (including GST)
  • Relate to superannuation-related financial planning services
  • Not include any commission
  • Include consent from your client to deduct the fee
  • Be signed and dated by your client
  • Have a copy of their certified photo ID attached.

Financial planning fee limits

There’s a limit of $1,500 including GST per year for financial planning fees. Your client’s CareSuper account must also have a minimum of $2,000 in it after the fee has been taken out.

Partnering with CareSuper

If you’re part of a dealer group and you’d like to find out more about partnering with CareSuper and the services we can offer your organisation, we are happy to discuss these with you. Please get in touch with our Executive Manager – Relationships and Growth, Paul Northey on 03 8623 0700 or email for more information.

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