Tailored cover

Tailored cover

You’re one of a kind, so we offer many insurance choices.

Sometimes custom-made is the best way to get exactly what you want. That’s why we give you plenty of choice when it comes to the types and amount of insurance you have.

Special offer for new members

If you join CareSuper on an Employee Plan (usually meaning your employer pays your contributions), you receive a special welcome offer just for joining us.

Provided you’re under 60, you can apply to:

  • Add income protection
  • Increase death and TPD cover up to seven times your annual income (but no more than $750,000).

You’ll need to answer a few simple health questions – which is much easier than going through the full assessment process later.

But the clock’s ticking on this offer – it’s only open for 90 days from the date on your welcome letter or email.

Please read our Insurance Guide for all the extra details.


You can always cancel or change your cover

You can apply to do any of the following any time you like:

  • Increase your cover by adding more units or a fixed cover amount
  • Change the type of cover you have so the amount stays the same (or rises by a set amount) each year
  • Apply for income protection cover 
  • Change your insurance category so it better matches what you do for work, gives you more cover for the same amount or lets you pay less for the cover you have
  • Transfer your cover from another super fund (if you’re under 60)
  • Cancel or reduce your cover if it doesn’t suit your needs.

There are some T&Cs to check up on first before making any changes. You’ll find all the details in our Insurance Guide and Member Guide.

Give us a call on 1300 360 149 if you need help changing your cover. 


Check how much your insurance costs

See what these changes could mean on the money front using our insurance calculator.


Deciding how much cover you need

Not sure what insurance is right for you? You can chat to one of our financial planners over the phone at no extra cost.* Give us a call on 1300 360 149 to set up an appointment or click on the link below.

Book an appointment

*Financial advice is offered through CareSuper’s relationship with Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS), and is provided by an authorisation under the Australian financial services licence of IFS, ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514.