Industry SuperFund

Industry SuperFund

There’s only one symbol to look for.
You can find it at CareSuper.

So, you’re with an Industry SuperFund. You recognise the symbol and know that being with an industry fund is a smart decision. But do you know what it really means for you and how it can make a difference to your savings?

The trademarks of industry super

As an Industry SuperFund, these are three things CareSuper lives and breathes:

  1. Industry funds are run to benefit members, no one else.
    That’s not a given for all super funds. Some, like bank-owned super, walk a tightrope to generate profits for super members and profits for shareholders. We don’t. Our decisions – and our profits – are all about you.
  2. They have a history of keeping costs low. But not at the expense of your returns.
    Take our approach to investing. We make active investment choices, hunting for the best opportunities to add that bit extra to your return. (We could just follow the ASX and give you the same results as a cheaper fund, but we know you expect more.) See how this pays off.
  3. Financial planners working in your best interests.
    We strongly believe in the benefits of financial advice, which is why we offer access to this service, but any fees are disclosed and agreed to upfront. There are no hidden costs. It’s either part of your membership or fee for service. Full stop.
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The difference between ‘industry’ and ‘retail’ super funds

Now that you understand what an Industry SuperFund is, let’s take a look at what it isn’t.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Retail super fund’ thrown around but what does it really mean?

Retail funds are generally run by financial institutions like banks, and their profits go back to shareholders and investors. Unlike industry funds (like us) who return their profits back to their members. Like you!

In fact, over the last 15 years to 31 March 2022 the average retail fund has delivered around $47,000 less to their members than the average Industry SuperFund.*


CareSuper and Industry SuperFunds – a partnership to benefit members

Industry Super Australia represents the collective voice of 13 Industry SuperFunds, including ours. You’ve likely seen their ads or ‘compared the pair’.

Together, we work on research, policy, marketing and advocacy initiatives to improve the superannuation system for everyone. Our shared goal is to give you the best possible retirement.

* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Comparisons modelled by SuperRatings as at 31 March 2022, commissioned by CareSuper. Assumes a starting balance of $50,000 and initial salary of $50,000 and considers historical earnings and fees – excluding contributions, entry, exit and adviser fees. Compares the average difference in net benefit performance of CareSuper’s Balanced option and the balanced options of funds tracked by SuperRatings including funds with a 15-year performance history. Outcomes vary between funds. See for more details about modelling calculations and assumptions. Consider a fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and your personal financial situation, needs or objectives, which are not accounted for in this information, before making an investment decision. ISA Pty Ltd ABN 72 158 563 270 Corporate Authorised Representative No. 426006 of Industry Fund Services Ltd ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL 232514.