CareSuper Pension – Retire with confidence

Turn your super savings into a flexible and tax effective income

Opening a CareSuper Pension account with your super allows you to keep your money invested while you draw a regular income from it, so you have the confidence to enjoy your retirement. 

Full pension - how it works

What are the benefits?


  • Flexible income payments – choose how much and how often you receive payments (within government-set limits), and access lump sum payments if you need them 
  • Tax-free income payments – there’s no tax on your income payments once you reach age 60 
  • Tax-free investment earnings – your super will continue to earn you tax-free investment earnings, helping to boost your account balance and provide a retirement income for you for as long as possible  
  • Investment expertise – your super will be managed by investment professionals with expertise across a broad range of asset classes
  • Strong investment returns – 8.7% average investment return in the Balanced option over 10 years*, and 
  • Online account management - manage your income easily through your online account. 

Who’s eligible?

Anyone who's:

  • Over preservation age and permanently retired
  • Over 60 and stopped working for an employer, or
  • 65 or over (even if working). 

If you’re between your preservation age and 65 but you haven’t met the other criteria for a full CareSuper Pension, you might be able to start accessing some of your super with a transition to retirement strategy. Find out more about transitioning to retirement.

Let's plan together

If you're planning for a life after work, seeking financial advice through your super is a great option. We offer 3 different types of advice, based on your individual circumstances. Book a call-back.

Ready for your super to start paying you?
Retirement readiness checklist
Use our checklist to build a clear picture of your retirement readiness, and plan for a brighter life after work. Because when you plan, you make better decisions.

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* SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate survey SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index – June 2022.