Corporate social responsibility

As a profit-to-members super fund, we’re dedicated to helping our members achieve their financial goals by providing high quality superannuation products and services. But we also recognise our broader responsibility to our employees, stakeholders, the community and the environment. And we understand the value of incorporating sustainable business practices into the way we manage our investments.

Our corporate social responsibility and sustainability commitments

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy sets out how we develop and implement key activities across CareSuper.

  • Enhance the member experience by providing high quality service, flexible product choice and educational resources and support
  • Invest responsibly so we maximise investment returns over the long term, while taking a considered and active approach that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors
  • Keep our operational footprint small by running a sustainable workplace and always searching for ways to improve
  • Be accountable for our actions and performance and demonstrate this with clear and transparent reporting
  • Engage and collaborate with industry-leading partners to achieve our objectives, following due diligence processes that include sustainability credential checks
  • Foster an engaged, high-performance workplace with a broad range of views and experience represented at all levels
  • Contribute to the wider community by encouraging staff to volunteer and support good causes
  • Help our members achieve their goals in life by educating, informing and advising them about superannuation and related topics

How does this work in practice? We embed our corporate responsibility agenda into our strategic plans and decision-making processes so the whole business is involved in achieving the best outcomes for members. Our activities include:

Responsible investing
While it’s our job to grow your super, how we achieve growth is also extremely important to us. We believe that investing in companies with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices provides more sustainable long-term returns.
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Climate change
Climate Change Position Statement
As a global long-term investor, find out how we deal with the risks and opportunities related to climate change.
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Join forces
Joining forces for change
We collaborate with organisations to grow awareness, share knowledge and support ESG initiatives.
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Our workplace and employees
We foster a work environment to facilitate collaboration, engagement and high performance. Our valued employees are motivated to achieve, skilled to deliver strong outcomes for members, and enjoy equal opportunity and fair treatment.
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Wind energy
Sustainability practices
Super is a long-term investment, so it makes sense to take a sustainable, future-focussed approach to our operations too. Our policies and procedures govern how we operate.
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Community sponsorships and partnerships
As a profit for members fund we don't donate money, but we contribute to the wellbeing of the broader community through corporate sponsorships, partnerships and charity work. As part of the Mother's Day Classic, our CEO has raised over $55,000 for breast cancer research.
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Being accountable
Trust, affinity and superior results can only be achieved by doing what we say we’ll do.
Our actions

We hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability commitments by:

  • Clear and transparent reporting on our activities (see our Governance page and our corporate responsibility and sustainability results in our Annual Report)
  • Being a founding member and signatory to the Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code, which aims to improve the quality and transparency of stewardship practices, such as company engagement and voting practices. Our Stewardship Statement explains the six guiding principles of the Code and how we apply them
  • Adopting the AIST Governance Code, which exceeds current regulatory requirements for governance best practice and promotes continuous improvement for profit-to-member funds 
  • Participating in the annual PRI Reporting Framework and measuring CareSuper’s responsible investment activities against the results of this report
  • Regularly reviewing our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy to meet the evolving expectations of our members and stakeholders.