Review investments

Understand your investment options as you move closer towards your retirement.

What should I consider?

To help you make the right investment choice for your retirement needs, here are a few things to think about.

How your super is invested

There are 12 investment options to choose from, each with a different return target and level of investment risk, plus a Direct Investment option.

What your goals are

Your investments will help ensure your savings go the distance, so you can live the retirement you want.

How you feel about risk

Short-term volatility can impact your super. As you get closer to retirement, you might become less comfortable with risk and more interested in being confident about living a comfortable retirement.

"I'm confident I'll get to enjoy the life I want once I've stopped working."
Julie, CareSuper member^

^The opinions expressed are those of the member and do not necessarily reflect CareSuper's policies or opinions

Investing with CareSuper

Investments can be complex and it’s not a one size fits all approach. There are many paths to securing your financial independence in retirement, and our investment choices can help you get there.

Your CareSuper investment options

We’ve got 12 investment options, six Managed options and six Asset class options, each with a different return target and level of investment risk, plus a Direct Investment option (for pensions other than transition to retirement (TTR)). This variety lets you mix and match your investments to suit your own goals.

Learn more about your options

Updating your investment choices

You can change your options by logging in to your MemberOnline account at any time. Either log in to your account and change your investments or complete and send us the Investment Choice form. (Excludes the DIO.)

Sustainable investing
We offer a dedicated investment option that focuses on social and environmental concerns while delivering strong long-term returns.

Get expert advice on your investment choice

If you’re unsure how our investment options can help build a strategy that suits you, advice about our Managed and Asset class options is available at no cost to you (it’s part of your membership).

Call 1300 360 149 or visit the advice page on our website.