Income protection

Income protection

Let’s make sure you’re covered if your next big break from work isn’t a holiday.

If you need to take extended time off work to recover from an injury or illness, income protection cover can help pay the bills.

You can be paid up to 85% of your average income over the last 12 months while you’re recuperating – including super payments.

Who can apply (and how much it costs)

You can apply for income protection cover if you’re:

  • Under 65
  • Earning at least $16,000 p.a. through ongoing work
  • Working at least 15 hours each week
  • A full-time, part-time, self-employed or casual worker or contractor.

The amount you pay depends on how much cover you apply for and the benefit period you choose. Our insurance calculator will give you a good idea.

Read our Insurance Guide to find out more, including any extra eligibility criteria and conditions.

How to apply

Applying is easy through your MemberOnline account. Once you submit all your details, our insurer will work through them and then let you know the result.