Changing your investments

You get a bit older, a little better off, or your plans and goals change. If it’s time to change your investment choice, here’s how.

Things you can change

Super is a long-term investment so it’s likely you’ll want to make some changes along the way. We’ve got that flexibility.

  • If you have a super or pension account you can change how your existing balance is invested across our different investment options. You can invest in one option or multiple – it’s up to you.
  • If you have a super account, you can also change how future payments are invested. This includes your employer contributions, personal contributions and rollovers.
  • If you have a pension account, you can change which investment option your payments are drawn from. This lets you invest money you’re planning to use straight away in a lower risk option and leave the rest to grow. To change how your pension is drawn down, complete the Pension election form and send it back to us.  


It’s easy to make a switch

To change between the Managed and Asset class investment options simply log in to your online account or call us.

Switches can usually be made for:

  • Your existing account balance
  • Your future contributions and rollovers.

The date your requested change becomes effective will depend on when we receive it. If you successfully submit a switch request on any business day, your account will be invested in your new investment choice(s) using the unit price calculated at the close of markets the next business day. Your investment switch will generally be visible in your account within three business days after your request is received. Buy-sell spreads may apply.

Changes to your Direct Investment option can be made through Direct Investment Online. You’ll find important information about switching into, out of and within the DIO in the Investment Guide or Pension Guide PDS


Frequent changes can work against you

You can switch investment options every week if you like but be aware that frequent switches can work against you. It’s better to carefully select the option(s) that’s right for your long-term needs, and only switch when your needs change.


Expert help at no extra cost

Changing options is not something you do every day and you want to get it right. We can help with expert advice.* Call us on 1300 360 149 between 8.30am and 5.30pm (AEST time) Monday to Friday to speak to a financial planner at no extra cost (excludes DIO). 

* Financial advice obtained over the phone, or through MemberOnline, is provided by Mercer Financial Advice (Australia) Pty Ltd (MFAAPL) ABN 76 153 168 293, Australian Financial Services Licence #411766.