How we invest

We invest with one goal in mind: to help you achieve your best possible lifestyle when you wind-down from work. We use an actively managed and long-term strategy – driven by a proven investment philosophy to Outperform and Outprotect your super. Plus, our team of experts are always looking for ways to boost your returns.

How we invest your super

We actively manage investments to outperform the market

We seek the best investment opportunities in Australia and overseas to maximise returns over the long term. Rather than passively investing our members' super and replicating an index (like the ASX300), our investment managers search for and select every investment. Taking care to select what we do and don’t invest in has resulted in stronger long-term results for our members. 

We protect your super in volatile times

Our strategy and agility has enabled us to build a richer and more diversified investment mix, overall reducing risk for members and ‘smoothing out’ the typical highs and lows of markets. Protecting against downside risk gives our members confidence that their savings are in safe hands during good times, and uncertain times.

We care about how we invest for your future

Responsible investing is a core part of our investment philosophy. Our active and responsible investment approach drives us to review the environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials of every investment, to ensure that we remain a strong and sustainable super fund.