Transition to retirement pension

Start using your super with a transition to retirement pension

A transition to retirement (TTR) pension gives you choices when it comes to gaining access to your super. It lets you open a CareSuper Pension account so you can start drawing on some of your super, while you’re still working and boosting your super savings ahead of retirement.

Let’s see what a transition to retirement pension is all about.

What is a CareSuper transition to retirement pension?

If you’ve reached your preservation age and are still working part-time (at least 10 hours per week) or full-time, you can access your super and start a TTR account. 

ttr flow diagram

What are the benefits? 


  • Supplemented income – top up your take-home pay with super, as you slowly wind-down your workdays or hours  
  • Tax savings – there’s no tax on your income payments once you reach age 60 and you can lower the income tax you pay by continuing to top up your super 
  • Investment earnings – your super will continue to earn you interest (taxed at up to 15%), helping to boost your account balance.   

 Who can open a CareSuper TTR pension? 

Anyone who's: 

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