PMIF FAQs for corporate insurance members

If you’re part of a CIA, you might be affected by these laws now or in the future.

Info for CIA members
My employer pays for some or all of my insurance cover. Am I affected by PMIF?

If your employer pays for only part of the cost of your cover provided automatically through your corporate arrangement, you were affected by the PMIF laws if your balance never reached $6,000 since 1 November 2019. You had to let us know by 31 March 2020 if you wanted to keep your cover, or these laws required it to be cancelled effective 1 April 2020.

If your employer pays the full cost of your fees, you are not affected unless you leave the employer or your employer stops paying your fees. If at that time, your account balance is under $6,000 and, if you joined from 1 April 2020, you’re under age 25 at that time, your cover may be cancelled.

To ensure you don’t lose your cover even if you leave this arrangement, you can make an election online. By making an election, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within the CareSuper Employee Plan. See the Insurance Guide at for details.


My employer pays for some insurance cover and I pay for additional or other cover. Will I lose any of my cover due to the PMIF laws?

The PMIF laws only affect members with standard insurance cover. Since you’ve chosen to have additional or other cover, you are not affected by these laws.

My employer was responsible for paying my standard insurance fees. I've recently left that employer or have been told I'm now responsible for paying my fees. Am I affected by these new laws?

Please contact us as soon as possible to find out up to date information about your insurance cover and the cost of cover.

If you want to keep your cover even if your account balance is less than $6,000, you must let us know before you become responsible for the cost. If you choose to keep your cover, you not your employer, will be responsible for paying your insurance fees after you leave that employer.

If I become responsible for paying my fees in the future, can I make an election to keep my cover at that time?

You can make an election at any time before you become responsible for the fees. Electing to keep your cover before does not affect your rights to cancel or apply to change your insurance cover in the future.

However if you’ve not elected to keep your cover at the date you become responsible for your fees, cover may be cancelled from that date if your balance has never reached $6,000 and, if you joined CareSuper after 1 April 2020, you’re under age 25.

You have a second opportunity to keep your cover if you let us know within 30 days from the date you become responsible for your fees. Please contact us at that time to find out how.

We can answer your questions

If you have questions about what the PMIF changes mean for you or your corporate insurance arrangement, you can call us on 1300 360 149, Monday to Friday 8am-8pm AET or send us a message.

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