You’re with a certified Carbon Neutral fund

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14 February 2020
We're a certified Carbon Neutral fund

You’re with a certified Carbon Neutral fund

We’re proud to be one of the first super funds to be certified Carbon Neutral by the Australian Government through Climate Active – Australia’s collective initiative for climate action.

Committed to sustainability

We're always working hard to make a positive difference to our members' lives by helping to set them up for a better future. An important part of this is ensuring we’re a sustainable fund. While climate change is front and centre right now, achieving this certification from Climate Active is recognition of our ongoing efforts over the past few years.

Achieving the requirements for the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Organisations demonstrates our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It’s the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification in Australia.

What it means to be carbon neutral

Being carbon neutral means we have reduced our operational carbon footprint to zero by removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we put into it.

To reduce our emissions, we’ve implemented sustainability and carbon neutral initiatives across our day-to-day business operations including improving energy efficiencies in our office and recycling and waste management.

To remove emissions, we invest in global carbon offset projects including renewable energy like wind farms and regeneration projects. In addition to providing carbon offset, these projects provide co-benefits, such as improving biodiversity in Australia, creating jobs and improving access to education for girls in developing countries. This is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Joining forces for a better tomorrow

Being certified Carbon Neutral means we’re part of the Climate Active Network, a group of progressive organisations leading action on climate change.

By becoming carbon neutral we’re making an important contribution towards a low carbon future. Carbon neutrality is part of our overall approach to corporate social responsibility. We’re also a signatory to other industry-leading initiatives such as Climate Action 100+, which tackles climate change on a global level.