Capital Guaranteed

This option invests in capital guaranteed products issued by life insurance companies. This means that the issuing life insurance company guarantees the capital invested as well as the investment returns and not CareSuper. A capital guarantee does not however guarantee the level of future investment performance, other than that it won’t be negative.
The asset allocation for this option is mainly made up of capital guaranteed investments. From time to time, this option may also invest in the term deposits of Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions and hold a modest amount of cash for liquidity purposes. These securities are not covered by the guarantee.
10-year average
annual super return
as at 30 June 2020
For a detailed overview of this option including pension returns, visit the performance page.

Why you’d invest

Invest in this option if you want to maintain the capital value of your investment over any time period, while earning a rate of return similar to that of bank bills or from a cash management trust.

The minimum investment timeframe is 1–2 years.

Return objective

To achieve returns after tax and fees at least in line with the inflation rate (as measured by the Consumer Price Index [CPI]) over rolling 10-year periods.

Risk level

Very low
The chance of a negative annual return is nil in every 20 years.
The risk level is based on the Standard Risk Measure.

Asset mix

Allocation table for Super & TTI

Asset class Benchmark Range
Capital guaranteed investments 100%

Allocation table for Pension

Asset class Benchmark Range
Capital guaranteed investments 100%
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Fees and costs
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