Your Future, Your Super (YFYS)

Your Future, Your Super (YFYS)

Find out what YFYS and stapling mean for you

You may have heard the term Your Future, Your Super. Or perhaps you’ve heard the term stapling, which is one of the elements. We’re here to explain what these terms mean and what you need to do (or simply be aware of) as they are introduced. 

Your Future, Your Super reforms have been introduced by the government and include a range of changes to superannuation in 2021 and beyond. They were first announced in the 2020/21 Federal Budget.


Your Future, Your Super – an overview

Your Future, Your Super contains four main elements. They are:

  1. Stapling – super accounts will follow members as they move from job to job (reducing the likelihood of multiple accounts).
  2. YourSuper – an online comparison tool (hosted by the Australian Taxation Office) that provides a table of simple super products ranked by fees and investment returns, with links to fund websites.
  3. Annual performance tests – MySuper products will be subject to an annual performance test.
  4. Accountability and transparency – a new duty has been introduced to ensure super trustees act in the best financial interests of members.

Stapling is the change that will have the biggest immediate impact, particularly for employers and for those changing jobs. Stapling commenced on 1 November 2021. At CareSuper, we are here to help participating employers and members and provide the support you need.

More questions?

We’ve got answers. Visit our employer FAQ page to learn more about Your Future, Your Super and stapling.


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Employer Stapling Checklist

We’re here to help you meet your obligations to your employees with Your Future, Your Super by providing a stapling checklist.