CareSuper Endorses Housing Accord

25 October 2022

Following engagement with the Government on the development of the Housing Accord proposal, CareSuper affirms its commitment to support work on developing reforms that will encourage more institutional investment into affordable housing.

CareSuper believes that this Accord has the potential to address an economic and social imperative to benefit our community as a whole.

This is an opportunity for Industry SuperFunds, including CareSuper, to deploy our investment capacity and leverage our long-term approach to investing to play a role in increasing affordable housing supply where it is in the best financial interests of our members.

Linda Scott, Chair of CareSuper said: “CareSuper members and our broader Australian community face real challenges accessing affordable housing. CareSuper supports the Government on the Housing Accord and looks forward to working with them to provide workable and beneficial investment solutions in the best financial interests of our members.”

“The Accord holds the promise of ensuring the provision of housing for Australia's future can align with the financial interests of our CareSuper members to deliver on the pressing economic and social needs to house our nation.”