Our Climate Transition-Related Opportunities

As part of our commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, we’re actively investing in climate transition-related opportunities. 

Climate transition-related opportunities explained 

Climate transition-related opportunities are investments in companies that will benefit from the transition to net zero. 

Currently, our investments in climate transition-related opportunities include shares and infrastructure asset classes, with some examples including wind and solar. But did you know the opportunities go beyond these commonly recognised investments? We have committed capital to a range of climate-transition-related opportunities. Read on to learn more about some of these.

Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicles (EV’s) have a significant role to play in reducing emissions from the transport sector. Through our infrastructure managers, we invest in a comprehensive network of EV charging stations in Europe. The availability of fast-charging infrastructure is essential to encourage motor vehicle owners to make the switch to an EV and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions
District heating and cooling
We invest in energy systems that deliver heating and cooling from large central locations to individual buildings through underground infrastructure, known as district heating. Relative to conventional onsite heating and cooling, district energy provides benefits including improved energy efficiency and reliability, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs.

These investments generate strong returns for members and contribute to a lower-carbon economy.
Smart energy grid systems
The installation of smart energy grids for new housing developments is creating opportunities for everyday consumers to contribute to a greener future.

These smart energy grids typically include decentralised on-site solar energy generation, communal battery storage and EV charging stations. These are then paired with software to manage the overall energy demand and optimisation, as well as complementary heat solutions (heat pumps) to deliver a suite of low-carbon energy solutions to residents.

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