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Learn how our members* have benefited from comprehensive advice
Seeking advice on the best avenue for my future has been invaluable.’
Joy wanted to make sure her retirement was one big adventure

Outcomes after advice meeting:

  • Her insurance cover was reduced, which added $700 per year to her retirement savings.
  • Review of death taxes created potential tax savings of over $20,000.
  • She could meet her income needs for life, and afford that holiday to Italy she wanted.
Our adviser displayed a very compassionate and clear understanding of our goals and financial ambitions.’
Jon and Yuki weren’t sure if they qualified for the Age Pension

Outcomes after advice meeting:

  • Used multiple contribution types, including Carry Forward and Downsizer contributions.
  • Personal tax savings in one year of over $6,000.
  • Increased Age Pension entitlement by approx. $36,000 ($12,000 until younger spouse turns Age Pension age in approx. 3 years).
Obtaining comprehensive advice has allowed us to reset our finances that have provided us better results than expected, even in the tumultuous times of 2020.’
John and Jennifer wanted to be debt free when they retired but also boost their super

Outcomes after advice meeting:

  • Assisted with cashflow needs, ensuring their debt of $165,000 will be paid by retirement while still making tax effective contributions.
  • Saved approx. $13,500 in tax using contribution strategies.
  • Reduced insurance cover which added back approx. $1,400 p.a. to their retirement savings.
  • Showed that they can meet their retirement income goals of $62,000p.a. for their life expectancy.
*names have been changed for privacy reasons