Personalised care

Personalised care

Make your business soar, super stress-free.
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Personalised service
Our Relationship Managers handle all your super needs and are also there to help your employees. Consider them your very own super support team.
Employee benefits
Access 9 tailored super seminars online or in-person at your workplace, along with health insurance discounts and mental health support.
Stay in the know
We'll help you with all your super obligations and keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing super landscape through our eNewsletters.

Introducing your CareSuper team

Alicia Frankcombe

Employer Development Manager QLD/NT

Bronwyn Barling

Client Partnership Manager – QLD/NT

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CareSuper teams up with businesses of all sizes and industries, simplifying super for everyone.
Partner with confidence
You can take comfort in knowing you’ve partnered with an established award-winning Industry SuperFund with a consistent track record of outperformance,* that returns all profits to members. At CareSuper, our unique active investment philosophy aims to both grow and protect our members’ savings and not all funds do this. We’ve had a lot of success through this approach, delivering financial security to help your employees enjoy a brighter future.
"CareSuper’s a huge support to us. They check in and support our employees to understand super and make decisions for their financial security. They feel like part of our team."
Paul and Natalie Marra - the Managing Director and Administrative Manager of Flavorjen and The Coffee BrewMasters, CareSuper employer.^

*SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey SR50 Balanced (60-76 Median) Index, June 2023.
^The opinions expressed are those of the employer and do not necessarily reflect CareSuper’s policies or opinions.