Income in retirement

Tax and your super
Investing in super is one of the most tax-effective ways to save for life after work. Superannuation is generally taxed at a lower rate than other investments or savings. This is to assist Australians like you build retirement savings and incentivise additional contributions, to improve your final balance when you wind down work.
Your income after work
Stay with us for your next chapter in life. In just 4 steps, we explain how you can set yourself up to turn your super into a regular income while making the most of investment returns with your choices available through CareSuper, and eligibility for the Age Pension and other government entitlements.
Do I need $1 million to retire?
How much super should you save for retirement? The $1 million that’s often bandied around by the media is both out of reach and unnecessary for most people to achieve a comfortable retirement. So, how much super do you really need to retire?
Accessing a Seniors Card
One of the perks of getting older (and wiser) is being eligible for a Seniors Card. We’ve outlined some of the discounts and offers available.
Discover how Pat is living well in retirement
CareSuper member Pat Cartwright is a firm believer that stopping work shouldn’t mean slowing down – and has a jam-packed social calendar to prove it.
How to manage your pension payments online with the payments hub
In your MemberOnline account you can access and change your pension payment details. All online and in one handy location.
Transition to retirement
Still working but thinking about winding down? A Transition to retirement strategy could be your pathway to leaving work. Explore your next steps.
5 mistakes you could be making with your super in retirement
Now you’re living your post-work life, your super is yours to use how you’d like. But with great power comes great responsibility. Managing your super throughout your retirement is a crucial part of your journey.
Top 7 budget-friendly adventures with the grandkids
There’s one thing most could agree on when it comes to the summer school holidays – they can feel LONG.

If you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to look after the grandkids over the break, you’d be forgiven for being a little jittery about how your hip pocket will fare during this already-pricier period. The good news is, there are ways to rein in the spending to help avoid a budget blowout.
Top 5 money hacks for the grandkids
While you might believe “spoiling the grandkids” is part of your job description as nan or pop, it’s a good idea to take stock and remember – if you had a relationship with your own grandparents – how many favourite memories included all the gifts they’d bought you? We’d tip it’s not many.

So, gather your lifetime of experience managing your finances and focus your energy on passing on some invaluable life lessons to your grandkids.
Energise your finances with a government rebate boost
Our ears tend to ping when we hear the words ‘bonus’ or ‘rebate’. And rightly so. Living in economically challenging times has many of us eager to find ways to cut costs and save money wherever we can.
When early retirement isn’t always a dream
Discover how to tackle the hurdles of early retirement through practical steps. Learn about financial assessment, government assistance, and superannuation access to ease the transition.