Insurance basics

Insurance can step in when the unexpected happens
Anyone who’s faced a crisis, emergency or unexpected change of plans understands the importance of having a back-up plan. But have you thought about what would happen if you became terminally ill or injured and were unable to work again?
Ensure your super insurance matches your lifestyle
New baby? Made redundant? Downsizing? Milestone events like these change your life and this means your insurance might need to change too. If you haven’t reviewed your insurance for a while, see our tips for getting it into shape to suit your current lifestyle.
How insurance through your super works
Discover how you can save with insurance through your super. Explore your options for death, TPD and income protection insurance through your super to protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens.
Choose who gets your super if you pass away
Unlike other assets such as your car or house, super doesn’t automatically form part of your estate. This means if you have dependents, you can make a beneficiary nomination to ensure your super is distributed according to your wishes.
Life changes and your super
If your life is looking a little different this year (or will soon), it’s a good idea to make sure your super and your insurance needs keep pace too. 
Insurance for singles
If you’re single, it’s likely you’re wholly responsible for your finances. Making your own financial decisions is completely liberating, but if things go wrong then it can be a lot of pressure for one person. That’s where insurance can help.
Exploring income protection insurance
Explore the significance of income protection insurance within super. Understand eligibility, benefits, and how to determine suitable coverage. Plus, learn about cost calculations and the importance of periodic reviews.