Retirement planning

Cost of living out of control? Try these 7 tips for tight budgets
The grocery bill has doubled, petrol prices are still astronomical, and money is just not stretching as far as it used to. Budget troubles in retirement can be stressful so have a look at our top tips to save some money and put some cash back in your pocket.
Transitioning well to retirement
You’re not alone if planning how you’ll spend your time in retirement is harder than you thought.
Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Living well in retirement
While a healthy super balance can make a big difference in your later years, we know money isn’t everything. Living well in retirement goes beyond the dollars to your total wellbeing.
Making the most of your pension
Your CareSuper pension is likely one of your most valuable assets now and for the future. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure your super is working hard for you.
The weekly cost of living in retirement
What does retirement and your working life have in common? Bills! Unfortunately, those cost-of-living expenses continue as long as you do.
The 4 most overlooked retirement questions
When you’re getting ready for retirement it’s vitally important to be financially prepared, but emotional preparation can be just as crucial to a happy life after work.
A comfortable retirement for singles
Discover how much you’ll need to enjoy your comfortable lifestyle — and how you can get closer to achieving it.
Money-saving travel tips for retirees
Whether you're a travel pro or just spreading your wings, here are some money-saving travel tips to ensure your retirement escapades are as fun-filled as they are budget-friendly.
Move confidently into retirement
Explore the essential aspects of retirement planning, covering key questions about super access, pension transition, and tips for moving into your retirement confidently.
When can I draw on my super?
Understand the rules for accessing your super including preservation age, transition to retirement, and minimum drawdown requirements and their importance in planning your retirement.
Don’t forget about these 5 things before you retire
Getting ready for retirement involves more than sorting out a financial plan. Let’s take a look at five of the most forgotten pre-retirement tasks tp set you up for your best life after work.
Crucial steps to take 15 years from retirement
With retirement only around 15 years away, now’s the time to act. Here are five must-do strategies for all you 50-somethings out there. Covering debt management, tax optimisation, retirement savings and risk assessment.
How retirement goes from go-go to no-go
Your physical, emotional and financial capabilities will change as life after work extends, and while you might start out busier than ever, your lifestyle will mellow as you become older. This progression is known as the go-go, go-slow and no-go phases of retirement.
Buying a new car in retirement?
Explore the benefits such as the latest tech and safety features and weigh up the major downside: depreciation. Let’s see if buying a car in retirement is right for you.
Remembering Iris – Life lessons from a 102 year-young fashionista
Accidental icon, decorator and fashion stylist, Iris Apfel’s tips for transforming our lives at any age.
How to build your happiest life after work
Money can’t buy happiness, but healthy finances can definitely help. Learn how to build healthy relationships, enhance well-being and secure your financial future.