Taking the leap: Nanice dances into financial security

Meet Nanice, a CareSuper member since 1990, whose lifelong love for dance and family now harmonises with her retirement journey, thanks to CareSuper's expert financial guidance.

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  1. How financial advice can help you
  2. How to plan your retirement
  3. Financial freedom after work

When it comes to managing finances, many of us tend to prioritise the needs of others over our own. Nanice, a vibrant 68-year-old from suburban Melbourne, understands this all too well. With a successful career in the medical and accounting fields, Nanice has spent most of her working life looking after other people's finances. However, a turning point came earlier this year when she decided it was time to take control of her financial future, leading her to seek advice from CareSuper.

Motivated by a friend's positive experience with a financial planner, Nanice contacted CareSuper to explore her advice options. What began as a single advice phone call (available to all CareSuper members at no extra cost*) to discuss her super account, soon turned into comprehensive advice^ and an enlightening journey that surpassed her expectations.

“I couldn't speak more highly of the way my CareSuper financial planner treated me and the respect they gave me. It's been a really good experience.” Nanice enthused.

Nanice and her financial planner delved into various aspects of her financial situation, from understanding her options around taking an income from her super in retirement, to realising some tax benefits. With CareSuper's guidance, she made informed decisions about her mortgage, offset accounts, and how her super is invested. Nanice explains, “I wasn’t even aware of the tax benefits, and all of the advice recommendations have made quite a big difference for me.”

"It was confronting looking into the future to plan out my later years. But after seeking advice I’m more in control and it’s given me peace of mind.”
Nanice, member since 1990.

Through CareSuper's comprehensive approach, Nanice now has a customised financial plan, aligned with her goals and values. She feels confident about her financial future and has discovered a newfound sense of peace and control. As someone who likes to be busy and active, Nanice plans to continue working four days a week, and in a couple of years reduce this to one day a week, further enjoying the benefits of her financial planning efforts.

"It was confronting looking into the future to plan out my later years. But after seeking advice I’m more in control and it’s given me peace of mind.”

Nanice hopes to inspire others to look to access professional advice to inform their future life after work.

"I've told my friends about the positive impact of seeking advice. I'm more in control of what's about to happen and importantly, I understand it. In hindsight, I probably should have sought advice about five years ago. But as we know, time gets busy.” Nanice concludes. "I would recommend getting financial advice to anybody.” 

Nanice's story serves as a reminder that with the right guidance and a dash of rhythm, all of us can make positive changes to improve our financial future, regardless of our age or how much super we have, even in a world of market fluctuations and uncertainties.

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