Discover how Pat is living well in retirement

CareSuper member Pat Cartwright is a firm believer that stopping work shouldn’t mean slowing down – and has a jam-packed social calendar to prove it.

CareSuper member Pat Cartwright is a firm believer that stopping work shouldn’t mean slowing down. With a jam-packed social calendar that includes spending time with nine grandchildren and touring Australia as part of a singing group, Pat is only just getting started.

Pat and her husband, Mike, live in the picturesque beachside suburb of Mornington on Melbourne’s outskirts and it’s here you’ll likely hear her belting out a tune or two. That’s because after years of keeping her singing confined to the car and shower, Pat has found her voice joining Sing Australia and more locally the Mornington U3A Singing Group. ‘It’s great for the endorphins and it really gets to the soul. I love seeing how people respond to music,’ says Pat.

Since finishing work as a kindergarten assistant and receptionist five years ago, Pat has travelled to every corner of the country to perform. Her singing groups entertain audiences at community events and aged care homes, covering everything from Les Misérables to Queen. Pat says, ‘I just love the energy I get from singing.’

Originally from the UK, Pat and Mike moved to Australia with their three sons in the early 80s. Pat has kept her super with CareSuper over the years, which helped her and Mike retire comfortably, and afford to make plans for their many travel adventures.

An upcoming visit to see extended family and friends back in the UK is high on the to-do list. ‘Mike and I would also like to have another trip to Africa as we loved it so much when we visited years ago. And perhaps a visit to Japan,’ says Pat.

Having the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest after work ends is a lesson she hopes her grandchildren inherit. As soon as they’re old enough to start working, she plans to share this advice: ‘Think about salary sacrificing into super – even a little bit each pay day, because it will make such a difference to your nest egg.’

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Information correct as at 12 September 2023.