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“Eat smart, live well” isn’t just a catchy phrase – it’s a life-changing philosophy. What we eat has an impact on our health and happiness. In Australia, where nearly two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese1, getting the right food advice is more crucial than ever.

Key learnings:

  1. Tips to leading a healthier life
  2. The benefits of good advice
  3. How we can help. 

Personalised nutrition - it's all about you!

Nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our bodies are unique, with different needs based on age, gender, how active we are, and our health. This is where professional advice can make a world of difference. Speaking with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian means you get a custom-made food plan, just for you.

The Risks of Getting it Wrong

Following the latest diet fad or cutting out certain foods without proper guidance can backfire. It might lead to missing out on vital nutrients, harming your health in the process. Plus, bad advice can result in unhealthy eating habits2.

The Benefits of Accurate Nutrition Advice

On the flip side, the right advice can be a game-changer. A balanced diet – filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats – can help fight off illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.3  It’s not just about physical health; good nutrition boosts your energy, mood, and sharpens your mind.4

Finding Trustworthy Advice

With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, knowing who to trust can be tough. Dietitians are helpful in this instance, they’ve studied nutrition and dietetics at university, so they know their stuff.5  A good dietitian gives advice based on solid evidence and can help with various health conditions, including diabetes, heart issues, and digestive problems.

The Bottom Line

Getting the right nutritional advice is key to staying healthy and happy. It’s about finding someone qualified to tailor advice to your unique life. And the best part? Prioritising nutrition can transform your health for the better.

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Information correct as at 18 June 2024.