Financial management

Accessing a Seniors Card
One of the perks of getting older (and wiser) is being eligible for a Seniors Card. We’ve outlined some of the discounts and offers available.
Spotting scams to better protect your super
With data breaches and cyber security concerns regularly making the headlines, it’s important to be aware of how to protect yourself from the threat of scams and fraudulent activity.
Managing your finances when life gets pricey
Even if you’ve got a contingency plan, a sudden change to your income can affect your wellbeing. Discover five steps to put you, and your finances, back on track.
5 steps to get your finances in order
Taking the first step is always the hardest when it comes to sorting out our finances. But if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle your finances head-on, there are some simple steps you can take to improve your money mindset and set yourself up for financial success.
Tips to travel smart on your next road trip
So, you’re off on a road trip? Whether you plan on exploring hidden gems in your home state or ticking off some bucket list destinations a little further afield, here are a few tips to get travel smart.
Spring cleaning your finances
We often think of spring as a time to focus on maintaining the physical aspects of our lives such as our homes and gardens, but it's also a perfect time to take stock of our finances. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Top 6 tips to help get your kids savvy with money
It’s good if your kids learn some money management skills sooner rather than later. Our advice? Don’t leave it up to their school and class teachers – many skills are learnt at home.
4 reasons your friends have more money than you
Your friends are about the same age as you, they share your passions and interests, and your careers are on a similar path – so where’s all their money coming from? Their Insta is full of them looking fabulous at gourmet dinners and on holidays, but if you scratch the surface things aren’t always as they seem.
Five mistakes you could be making with your super in retirement
Now you’re living your post-work life, your super is yours to use how you’d like. But with great power comes great responsibility. Managing your super throughout your retirement is a crucial part of your journey.
7 things you shouldn’t be doing with your super
We all have good intentions, but we know that super can seem confusing! Here’s seven common super mistakes to avoid sabotaging future-you.
The biggest money mistakes you can make
Our 20s and early 30s is the time we become independent: schools in the rear-view mirror, we’re finally earning ok money and we want to live our best life. We’ve been taught the basics about managing our finances, so what could go wrong?
Downsizing your home, not your life
Downsizing your home doesn’t mean downsizing your life. A smaller home, or a home in a new location, can be just what you need to get your life moving. But how do you know if downsizing will suit you? Let’s find out.
Accessing entitlements in retirement
It’s worth taking the time to understand what entitlements are available, how to find out if you’re eligible for them, and when and how you can access them.
First Home Super Saver Scheme
If the spring property buzz has got you dreaming about ‘one day’ buying your first home, the first home super saver (FHSS) scheme may be an option to help you save for your deposit
Transform your life at any age
They say youth is wasted on the young, but your best days don’t have to be behind you. People the world over have proved that age is just a number by pursuing health, happiness and ambition, no matter their birth date.
Flex your money muscle with a side hustle
There’s no doubt about it, life is currently very expensive. If cost of living worries are keeping you up at night, it might be time to consider a side hustle to supplement your income and give your budget a bit more breathing room.
How AI can help you cut costs
Technology can help make your daily life more efficient and effective, but more importantly it can save you cash.
How financial advice can improve your overall wellbeing
Financial worries are top-of-mind for many Australians. We explore the benefits of obtaining financial advice through CareSuper and the positive impact this can have on your health, happiness, and your financial future.
Top 7 budget-friendly adventures with the grandkids
There’s one thing most could agree on when it comes to the summer school holidays – they can feel LONG.

If you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to look after the grandkids over the break, you’d be forgiven for being a little jittery about how your hip pocket will fare during this already-pricier period. The good news is, there are ways to rein in the spending to help avoid a budget blowout.
Top 5 money hacks for the grandkids
While you might believe “spoiling the grandkids” is part of your job description as nan or pop, it’s a good idea to take stock and remember – if you had a relationship with your own grandparents – how many favourite memories included all the gifts they’d bought you? We’d tip it’s not many.

So, gather your lifetime of experience managing your finances and focus your energy on passing on some invaluable life lessons to your grandkids.
Energise your finances with a government rebate boost
Our ears tend to ping when we hear the words ‘bonus’ or ‘rebate’. And rightly so. Living in economically challenging times has many of us eager to find ways to cut costs and save money wherever we can.
8 money saving tips for the festive season
Tis’ the season…that can be exxy, not to mention easy to lose track of your money.
Top tips to help stretch your retirement income
In an environment of high inflation, many Aussies are struggling with managing their retirement income right now. If this is you, rest assured you’re not alone.