Transform your life at any age

They say youth is wasted on the young, but your best days don’t have to be behind you. People the world over have proved that age is just a number by pursuing health, happiness and ambition, no matter their birth date.

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A new hobby and a new lease of life

Gladys Burrill might not be a household name, but she should be. She grew up in poverty, contracted polio at 11, and endured two world wars. Despite this she became a mother, licensed pilot, world traveller, and philanthropist. To top this off, she took up marathon running at 86 and then she became the oldest woman to complete a marathon at age 92!

Creativity is like a fine wine

Instant noodles are beloved by students worldwide, but you’re never too old to eat them—or invent them. Momofuku Ando worked tirelessly in his backyard shed before perfecting his noodle idea and launching Cup Noodles at the age of 61. The CUPNOODLES Museum in Japan, built in his honour, aims to inspire inventiveness and curiosity in us all.

Style never dates

In her early days, Iris Apfel travelled the world as a textile tycoon and graced high society parties with her artisanal fashion. But it wasn’t until 83, 13 years into her retirement, that her unique style was idolised. Since then, she’s had her own fashion exhibition in New York, launched a make-up collection, became a barbie doll, worked as a visiting professor, and at age 97 signed a modelling contract. At 101 she’s going strong and says she’s “the oldest living teenager”.

Music for the ages

Ruth Flowers was living a comfortable retirement in Portugal when a DJ at her grandson’s birthday smirkingly told her she was too old for the nightclub. At age 68 she decided to prove him wrong. For two years she learnt the DJ craft and Mamy Rock was born. From London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, to Tokyo she played the best clubs to crowds of thousands proving that music is the best leveller. Check her out tracks

Flexibility to do what you want

When Tom Allen was 55, he started learning yoga so he didn’t have to jog in the Glasgow rain. The hobby soon became a passion and when he retired from his pharmaceutical job at 60 yoga became his profession. 30 years later he’s Britain’s oldest yoga instructor and even though he’s downgraded from six to two classes a week, he has no intention of stopping.

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