Things to consider if you’re considering a career change

It’s never too late for a career change. If this could be the right time for you to make a move, here are some things to consider. 

Make an informed decision

Before leaping into a new career, it’s important to find a move that’s right for you. You may want to consider taking a side-step in your current company or changing industries altogether. Asking yourself why you want to leave your current job and taking stock of your skills and interests can help you narrow down your job search. A career coach can also support you to find a career you love and the best actions to help you get into your next role.

Build a network

Networking isn’t all schmoozing and rubbing elbows — it’s about developing genuine relationships. Platforms like LinkedIn are a great place to start and can help you understand what working in a new field might be like. It can seem daunting at first, but don’t be afraid to reach out to your connections, ask for a chat, some advice or even a referral. Get the inside scoop from any friends currently working in areas you’re interested in and let them know you’re on the hunt for new opportunities. And with February the busiest hiring month of the year, you never know who might be looking for their next star employee (which could be you!).


Volunteering is a great way to meet people and develop new skills. And most importantly, to give back to your local community. Volunteering can also provide you with the chance to dip your toe in a new industry or workplace that could lead to your next job. You can find volunteer opportunities online at SEEK volunteer.

Invest in yourself

Developing your professional skills is an investment in yourself and your career. And it’s more accessible than ever with most universities and TAFEs offering online courses. You don’t have to commit to a university degree that’s several years long either. These days, there are lots of short courses available that only take a few hours to complete. Plus, you might even be able to talk to your employer about covering the cost of some of your studies.

Your career ambitions may change, but your super doesn’t have to

When you land your next job, it’s easy to take your CareSuper account with you. You get to choose where your super gets paid, and by sticking with us, you’ll be with one of Australia’s leading super funds with a track record of outperformance over the long term.

To take your CareSuper account with you, you can download and complete a Choice of fund form and hand it to your new employer. You can also find all the details your employer needs to pay your super to us on our Changing jobs page.

Find and combine
While you’re sorting out your super, this could be a great opportunity search for any other super you have out there and combine it in to your CareSuper account (if it’s right for you).^

Information correct as at 11 September 2023.

^Before combining your super into CareSuper you should consider whether this is right for you and check if you will be charged any fees. You should also check the impact on any insurance arrangements (such as loss of insurance) or other benefits.