5 questions to ask yourself about investing

Your super is likely to stay invested for years to come, even if you’re already retired. With this in mind, it’s important to regularly review your investment strategy to make sure it’s in line with your current needs and financial outlook.

The right investment strategy is unique to your own personal circumstances but there are 5 things you should keep in mind when conducting your review.
1. What's your risk appetite?

How much risk are you willing to take to achieve your objectives? In general, the higher the risk, the higher the expected return. But there are other important considerations:

  • What are your goals?
  • How close are you to retirement?
  • What’s your reaction to market volatility?

To keep it simple, how much risk are you willing to take with your finances and still sleep soundly at night?

Not sure of your appetite? If you’ve signed up for MemberOnline, you can take our risk attitude quiz*. Or, speak to one of our Advice team members who can guide you through a series of questions.

2. What’s your investment timeframe?

It’s impossible to know how long you’ll live, or how expensive life might become, but it helps to make a best estimate.

As a general rule, the longer your super is going to be invested, the more investment risk you can take. So, a self-assessment of your current age and health is important when considering your investment strategy.

3. How diversified are your investments?

The old saying goes never put all your eggs in one basket, and the same goes for investment portfolios. A mix of cash, shares, fixed interest, and property can combine to form a balanced portfolio, and then if one investment type performs poorly, the other types may offset the loss.

CareSuper offers a range of investment options for you to choose from with a mix of defensive and growth assets

4. Do you have other sources of income?

Do you have multiple sources of income? For example, if you receive income from a Pension, family trust, investment property or share portfolio you may not rely as heavily on your super, and this may affect how you choose to invest it.

5. What are your goals?

What are your goals and how much risk are you willing to take to achieve them?

Some want to travel the world and live the high life when they finish work. Others may want to garden and take care of grandkids. You’ll need to think about how much your ideal retirement could cost and if you need to reassess your risk appetite to get there.

Tips on choosing an investment option

How is my super currently invested?

Good news, it’s not too difficult to check. You can review how your super is invested in the ‘Investments section’ of MemberOnline. If you have any trouble, give us a call on 1300 360 149 and our team will help you out.

Everyone’s approach to investment is different. What’s important is making sure you understand how your super is invested and that it’s the right approach for you.

Seek financial advice

You also have access to financial planners who can help review your super investment strategy and ensure it’s aligned to your personal circumstances – in fact, it’s included within your CareSuper membership at no-extra cost. So if you’re ready to do an investment health check, book an advice call-back here.


*This level of advice is at no additional cost and is included with your CareSuper membership. Financial advice obtained over the phone, or through MemberOnline, is provided by Mercer Financial Advice (Australia) Pty Ltd (MFAAPL) ABN 76 153 168 293, Australian Financial Services Licence #411766. 

Information correct as at 14 November 2023.

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