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Looking to devour some knowledge? Then you’re in the right place. Flex your mental muscle here with our all-you-can-learn selection of free online resources (like videos, calculators and mini-lessons).

Choose a tasty morsel from the menu to get started (and we’ll be handing out the tips).

  • Just wiser - All about aged care
    Whether for your own future needs or those of a family member, this module breaks down the different types of aged care and likely costs associated with each.
  • No work, all pay - Keeping pay day in retirement
    Saying ‘hola’ to retirement doesn’t have to mean ‘adios’ to pay day. Check out how to turn your super into an income stream in retirement as an alternative to a lump sum payment (and keep the pay day joy going).
  • A good defence - Insurance through super
    You are your most valuable asset so grab a cuppa and take a moment to consider your defence and how insurance through your super could help you. Find out how much insurance you might need and what it might cost.
  • The early bird - Intro to planning life after work
    Before you hang up the boots, explore the nuts and bolts of retirement planning. What are you looking forward to when you finish paid work? How much do you need to be comfortable? All good questions and just a few of the things we explore here. Plus we’ve got a nifty calculator so you can see how you’re tracking!
  • The ‘b’ word… - Budgets
    Okay, so budgets don’t usually spark joy, but they don’t have to be scary or boring. Improve your finances and lifestyle by spending and saving wisely.
  • Short and sweet - Super basics
    Understanding super doesn’t have to be tricky. Start here to unlock the potential of your super. We’ll unpack the jargon and get you up to speed with the basics, all before you finish your morning latte.
  • More super - Ways to boost to your super
    If you’re interested in growing your super but not sure how, this one’s for you. Explore some of the ways you can contribute extra to your super and what to consider.
  • Are you super savvy? - Quiz yourself + get tips
    Do you speak superannuation? Discover your level of fluency and pick up a few tips to take your super to the next level. The sooner you take an interest in your super, the bigger the reward later.
  • The super gap - Women and super
    There’s one thing many women have in common: not enough super. Here are some ways women can boost their super savings and increase the security of their financial future.
  • Invest sustainably - How we’re investing for a brighter future
    What is sustainable investing and ESG? How does CareSuper invest responsibly? Find out in this video and learn about our Sustainable Balanced option for those members whose top priority is sustainability.
  • Going retro - What would you tell your younger self?
    Get the benefits of hindsight as our members take a look back and tell us what they wish they’d done differently (or sooner!).
  • Crunching numbers - Retirement income calculator
    You’re never too young to see what your income might be when you wind down work. This calculator considers a number of factors specific to you – like contributions, withdrawals and any career breaks. Just keep in mind it won’t give you personal advice.
  • Doing the sums - Spare change calculator
    No need to suffer to save, this tool helps you discover how much skipping a takeaway coffee or lunch today pays off tomorrow. Oh, did you hear that? Sounds like future you saying thanks!
  • No standing - What’s active investing?
    CareSuper takes an ‘active’ approach to managing members’ super. Erm, what? Suzanne Branton, CareSuper’s Chief Financial Officer, explains what active management approach is all about.
  • More than numbers - Preparing for a mentally healthy retirement
    Winding down after you stop working isn’t just about having your finances in order. It’s important to consider your mental wellbeing too. Psychologist Dr Sarah Cotton discusses what to expect when transitioning from work into retirement.