FAQs about recent super changes

Find answers to all your questions about what’s changed and why, and key dates you should be aware of.

We’ll be updating these FAQs regularly over the next few months, so check back here if you have a new question.

Online access
How do I access the new MemberOnline?

You’ll need to register for the new MemberOnline before you log in to your account. If you have an email registered on your account, go to caresuper.com.au/login and hit ‘Start your registration’.

Once there, you’ll be prompted to enter your member account number and date of birth.

If these details match those held on your account, you'll see a screen with your email address. Select ‘next’ to confirm you want to proceed, and we’ll send an email to the address shown on screen (the one we have on file for you). Once you've received the email, follow the link to set your new MemberOnline password and complete your registration.

Then you can log in to your account by going to caresuper.com.au/login and selecting ‘log in now’. You should use your registered email address and the password you created during the registration.

You might also be prompted for a verification code, which is a unique once-off code that you can have sent to you via SMS, email or phone call to verify your identity.


What if I get an error when I'm trying to register?

If you're experiencing problems trying to register. Here’s a few things to check:

  • You’re selecting ’Start your registration’ at caresuper.com.au/login to set up your new log-in details before logging in to the new MemberOnline for the first time. All members will need to register for MemberOnline, if you haven’t since 24 April 2019. This process should only take a couple of minutes.
  • You've entered the member account number registered to your account
  • The date of birth you enter will need to match our records.
  • If you have more than one account, you may need to try registering with your other member account number. Once you log in, all of your accounts will be available within MemberOnline via the dropdown at the top of the dashboard.

If you’re experiencing issues logging in from an iOS (Apple) device it can also help to:

  • Ensure your operating software has been updated to the most recent version (it needs to be iOS 12.2 or higher)
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies (on a mobile device this might be called ‘clear history and website data’)

Still having trouble? Call 1300 360 149 for help or visit caresuper.com.au/getintouch.


I’ve got a super and pension account with CareSuper. Which number should I use?

It’s possible that registration may only work with one of your account numbers (known as your ‘primary’ account). If you’re having trouble registering, try using your other member account number.

Once you’ve logged in, simply move between your accounts using the drop-down at the top centre of the dashboard.

We’re currently working to fix this issue, so members can register using either number in future.


Can I log in with my old username and password?

Unfortunately not – you’ll need to register via the ‘start your registration’ link at caresuper.com.au/login and set a new password to access the new MemberOnline.

See the FAQ ‘How do I access the new MemberOnline?’ for steps on how to register.

Why is an old or incorrect email address shown when I try to register?

If we don’t have a current email for you, or the email doesn’t look right, go to caresuper.com.au/getintouch, fill in your details and provide the email you’d like to use. Or you can call us on 1300 360 149 so we can update your details. Once you have the correct email address recorded on your account, follow the steps in the FAQ ‘How do I access the new MemberOnline?

Why am I getting an error or being logged out when I try to log in?

If you've followed the steps above under ‘How do I access the new MemberOnline?’, but you're still experiencing issues, it may help to:

  • Ensure your operating software has been updated to the most recent version (for iOS, you need to be on version 12.2 or higher)
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies (on a mobile device this might be called ‘clear history and website data’)
  • Try opening MemberOnline in a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome), or a different device, such as your desktop computer.

We hope this solves your log in issues. If not, call 1300 360 149 between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, or visit caresuper.com.au/getintouch. We’ll need to understand the steps you're taking and the errors you're receiving to understand what's going wrong and help you get up and running.


How do I reset my password for MemberOnline?

If you've followed the steps above under ‘How do I access the new MemberOnline?’ to register, but you’ve forgotten your new password, or you're experiencing issues and would like to reset it, go to caresuper.com.au/login.

Select the 'Log in now' option, enter your registered email address and press next.

Once prompted to enter your password, hit 'I've forgotten my password' and follow the prompts to send an email that will let you set up a new password.


Can I access the log in page through the bookmark I’d saved previously?

You’ll need to delete any bookmarks you had previously saved to the log in page and update it to caresuper.com.au/login.

Can I access the old app with the new log in details I have used?

Before you can log in, you’ll need to download the new app from the app store, then log in with the same email and password you use for the new MemberOnline.

Once you’ve logged in with your email and password you can create a 4-digit PIN or set up FaceID for fast and secure access to your account on the go.


Can I still access all my old online statements through the new MemberOnline?

Yes, your annual statements will be viewable online.

Will I still be able to see all my old transactions?

You won’t be able to see transactions made before 1 July 2016 on MemberOnline. To view these transactions, you’ll need to check your statements, which are available on MemberOnline.

Does the new MemberOnline look the same?

Your new online account looks quite different, but all the key information and services you need are still there. If you need help or can’t find what you need, call 1300 360 149 or visit caresuper.com.au/getintouch.

Who is Mercer?

Mercer is a global organisation providing superannuation, investment and human resource services. They currently manage the administration for over 2.5 million super accounts and provide advisory and investment services to a range of industry and retail super funds.

Mercer will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and management of your CareSuper account. Find out more about our outsourced providers.

What is an administrator?

Like most super funds, we engage a service provider (called an ‘administrator’) to support us with service and technology solutions that help our members and employers with their super. Our administrator assigns us a dedicated CareSuper team who assist us with services such as our contact centre, online systems and payment processing. We work closely with this team and think of them like an extension of our fund.

Why is CareSuper changing administrators?

At CareSuper, our focus is on delivering a positive experience and quality service. Mercer’s technology offering is one of the key reasons for the transition to Mercer.

When is CareSuper changing administrators?

CareSuper will be transitioning administration services to our new provider from 29 March 2019. As outlined in the Significant Event Notice we sent to you about the changes, this will result in some limited services from 22 March until the end of April.

What's changing?

The move to Mercer will result in some changes to our online systems and the services we offer. We are also taking this opportunity make some additional system changes, including in relation to our fees and investments.

The upcoming changes are outlined in your Significant Event Notice and on our website at caresuper.com.au/changes2019.

What does the move mean for me?

We’re aiming to make the transition as seamless as possible. However, there will be several operational changes, including some limited online access during March and April 2019 and delays in processing some transactions.

If you’re a pension member and you’re due to receive a pension payment on 8 April 2019, we’ll process your payment earlier on Tuesday 26 March 2019 to avoid the scheduled delays. Your other scheduled pension payments will not change.

Will my fees be the same?

We are removing the following fees:

  • $40 exit fee
  • $50 contribution splitting fee (for super members only)
  • $40 family law splitting fee

We are reducing the administration fee for pension accounts from $3 to $1.50 per week. The annual cap on the percentage-based portion of the pension administration fee (0.19%) will change from $1000 to $750.

There will also be changes to the Direct Investment option (DIO) fees. See the DIO FAQs below for details.

Do I have to do anything before the transition?

If you are planning to make changes to your account, we recommend doing this as early as possible to avoid processing delays during the transition.

Transaction requests should be submitted before 5pm on Friday 8 March 2019.

Will I still have the same member number?

Your member number will become your ‘member account number’ and you will also receive a new client ID number, which we will share with you. This means if you have more than one account you’ll be able to manage all your accounts using your client ID. You’ll still be able to use your existing member number when ringing or writing to us or completing forms.

Where can I read the Significant Event Notice?

We sent a copy of your Significant Event Notice to you between 15 and 22 February 2019. If we have an email address on file for you, we would have sent it to this email address. If we don’t have your email address or the email bounced, we would have mailed you a hard copy.

You can also read your notice at caresuper.com.au/changes2019 or via the link below.

I have a complaint in progress - what will happen with that?

We will continue to investigate and resolve your complaint.

Can I still make personal contributions the same way?

Yes. CareSuper will continue to receive personal contributions and employer contributions throughout the transition. These contributions will be processed to your account from mid-April 2019.

From 20 March 2019 direct debit will no longer be available as a payment method for new additional contribution arrangements. If you already have a direct debit arrangement in place, it will continue, and you won’t need to do anything. If you’d like to set up a new additional contribution arrangement, you can do this via BPAY®.

Can I use the same BPAY® details to make a contribution?

Yes, you can continue to use BPAY® to contribute to your super. Your contributions may take a little while longer to appear on your account during the limited services period, but they will be processed in order of receipt.

Is there a limited service period? When is it?

Yes, information on your account will be limited from 1 April to 5 April 2019, and there will be limited services between 22 March 2019 and 30 April 2019.

Are CareSuper’s Fund identifying numbers changing?

We’re not changing any of our fund identifying numbers (such as ABN, SPIN or USI numbers). These numbers can be found on our ID numbers page.

Will the phone numbers still be the same?

We are removing the dedicated pension number and directing all calls to our general number, 1300 360 149.

Why are you changing to daily unit prices?

We all know markets can move quickly, so more frequent pricing means you’ll have access to more up-to-date information on how these movements affect your super account, and to give you more frequent investment switching.

How will unit prices be applied after the transition?

For transactions processed after the limited services period, the unit prices that will apply to your account will depend on the type of transaction. 

Transaction type

Unit price applied

When the unit price is applied

Money in

(Employer and personal contributions and money you roll in from another fund)

Buy price

Usually the same business day as it is processed (e.g. if we process a contribution on 15 April, the unit price for the same business day will apply).

Money out

(Including rollovers, withdrawals and lump sum payments for claims, fees, taxes and insurance premiums deducted from your account)

Sell price

Usually the same business day it is processed

(e.g. if we process on 15 April, the unit price for the same business day will apply).

Investment switches*

Between our Managed and Asset class investment options


Buy price when switching into an option


Sell price when switching out of an option


Usually the following business day from when we receive your switch request (e.g. if we receive it on 15 April, the unit price that will apply will be the one set for the 16 April).

Switch requests received on weekends or national public holidays will be regarded as being received on the next available business day and the change will be processed using the unit price calculated on the following business day.(e.g. if we receive your switch request on Saturday 30 March, then we will apply the unit price of 2 April).

* Buy-sell spreads may apply. See our Fees & costs page for details.

What will happen with the unit prices while CareSuper transitions?

The unit prices that apply to transactions processed during the limited service period will continue in line with current rules until 29 March 2019.

How will the limited services period affect how I make an investment switch?

From 23 March and 24 April 2019, you will be able to change investment options by submitting a form.

From 24 April you will be able to switch online or over the phone by calling us on 1300 360 149.

Can I switch before the transition?

If you submit a switch request and we receive it in the week leading up to 5pm on Friday 22 March 2019, it will become effective on 27 March, prior to the transition.

How often can I switch?

You will be able to submit an investment switch at anytime and it will be processed daily, effective the following business day.

But please be aware that frequent switches can work against you. It’s better to carefully select the option(s) that’s right for your long-term needs, and only switch when your needs change.

Why have you introduced a mid price?

When you contribute to your super or move money from one investment option into another, a ‘buy–sell spread’ may apply to cover the cost of the transaction. How much you pay depends on the investment options you invest in. Currently, some transactions don’t require us to pass on a buy/sell spread, so we work around this by using the same price (i.e. buy-buy) so a spread is not applied.

From 1 April 2019, we’ll be applying a mid price to transactions that don’t attract a buy-sell spread to obtain the same outcome (i.e. no cost to you). The ‘mid price’ is the net asset value (sometimes referred to as a ‘NAV price’) that does not include the transaction costs of buy and selling assets.

Which transactions will the mid price apply to?

We’ll be applying the mid price to the following transactions:

  • When deductions for the dollar-based portion of your administration fee are taken from your account
  • When you move money between super, transition to retirement and pension accounts within CareSuper (as long as you keep the same investment options).
Direct Investment option
Why are you moving from Macquarie?

Our current Direct investment option (DIO) provider, Macquarie Investment Management Limited, has announced it will withdraw its services from the market in mid-2019. CareSuper has selected OneVue Holdings as the new provider for the DIO from 29 March 2019.

I'm currently invested in the DIO - what will happen with that?

There will be no access to trade between 22 March and 24 April 2019, so you should plan ahead and understand you will not be able to make any changes to your investments in the DIO through this period.

Due to this interruption, the monthly DIO administration fee will not be charged for March and April 2019.

Term deposits due to mature after 26 March 2019 will be broken. We will cover any break fees and you will receive a positive adjustment in your cash account in recognition of interest otherwise payable in April, being the difference between the cash account return and the interest rate for the term deposit that was broken, pro-rata for the month.

The monthly DIO fee will be reduced from $25 to $10 per month from 1 May 2019 when fees resume. There are some changes to brokerage costs from 30 March 2019 as outlined your Significant Event Notice.

Share dividends will be paid directly into your cash account – the Dividend Reinvestment Plan facility for listed securities will no longer be available.

How will I access the new OneVue portal?

A new OneVue DIO online portal will be available on or around 24 April 2019. You’ll still access the new portal through your online account, but it will look and feel different to the one you’re used to. When you log in to the new OneVue portal for the first time, you’ll be able to access your existing investments and transact in the DIO as normal.

Will I have a different login for OneVue or will I be able to manage my DIO account through MemberOnline?

You will be able to access it through the new online portal. You'll have new login details for MemberOnline, which will be available from 24 April 2019, but once that is set up you won't need a separate login to access the DIO platform.

Do I have to re-register for the DIO through OneVue?

No. Once DIO access is available, you will be able to login to MemerOnline with your new details and view the DIO holdings – just like you do now.

My term deposit is maturing on or after 26 March 2019. What does this mean for me?

If you hold a term deposit that’s due to mature on or after 26 March 2019, it will be broken on 25 March 2019. Unfortunately, term deposits can’t be transferred between Macquarie and OneVue, so if you want to invest in a term deposit, you’ll be able to buy one once the new OneVue portal is up and running on 24 April 2019. The principal and pro-rata interest will be credited to your DIO cash account on 28 March 2019. We’ll be reimbursing any break fees you incur as part of this, and to acknowledge that you won’t be able to purchase a new term deposit until 24 April 2019, we’ll also be making an adjustment interest payment to any members who are affected by this change. This payment will be calculated as the difference between the DIO cash account interest rate and the annual interest rate for your term deposit, pro-rated for the month of April.

If you’re eligible for the break fee reimbursement and/or the adjustment, you’ll be able to view details through MemberOnline once the transactions are complete and the new portal is available.

If you have a term deposit that’s due to mature before 26 March 2019, your term deposit will mature as normal and won’t be affected by these changes. The automatic rollover of term deposits isn’t available at the moment, but you’ll be able to access this feature once the new portal is operational.

You might notice a message in your DIO account, for any term deposits that expire on or after 26 March 2019. This is appearing because a break request has been submitted and the transaction is now pending.

Will I still be able to buy and sell shares while CareSuper transitions?

No. Due to the change in DIO providers, there will be a pause in the DIO online service from 22 March to 24 April 2019. Members who have registered for the DIO before 8 March 2019 won’t be able to access their DIO account or transact within the DIO until we return to business-as-usual around Wednesday 24 April 2019. Due to this interruption the monthly DIO administration fee will not be charged for March and April 2019 and we encourage you to plan ahead, knowing you will not be able to trade for this period.

Are the DIO fees changing?

The monthly DIO administration fee will reduce from $25 to $10 per month from 1 May 2019. This fee is currently deducted from your account on the last Friday of each month or when you leave CareSuper. From 30 March 2019, the DIO administration fee will be deducted on the last calendar day of the month or when you leave CareSuper. Brokerage fees applicable to trades on listed securities will also change. Currently, the brokerage fees range from 0.33% to 0.11% depending on the trade amount (for trade amounts above $4168), with a fee of $13.75 applying for trade amounts up to $4,167.

From 30 March 2019, the brokerage fee will change to 0.11% of the trade amount, subject to a minimum fee of $22.00 per trade for trades up to $20,000.

More details are included in your Significant Event Notice.

Will I be able to transfer money to my DIO account more often?

From 1 April 2019, you’ll have the freedom to switch money into your cash account more often. We’ll be calculating unit prices daily instead of weekly, so you’ll be able to move money into your DIO account on a daily basis.

What happens to at-limit orders?

Any at-limit orders to buy or sell listed securities that are still open at 5pm on 22 March 2019 will be cancelled. We’ll reinstate this functionality from 24 April 2019 so you’ll be able to place new at-limit orders then.

What if my securities are subject to a corporate action?

If you hold any investments that are subject to a corporate action which opens and closes between 22 March and 24 April, you will be unable to participate. Any corporate actions which remain open after 24 April will be available to view in the new OneVue portal.

What will happen if my DIO balance falls below the minimum?

Once we transfer your DIO account to OneVue, we’ll be monitoring the minimum required account balance and eligibility criteria you need to maintain for your DIO account as well as your other CareSuper investment options. If your balance changes and you no longer meet the DIO requirements, we may get in touch with you to ask you to rebalance your account. We may also take action directly if your balance remains low or if you don’t have enough in your Managed or Asset Class investment options to meet a claim. We’ll outline this process in more detail in our upcoming PDS, which we’re expecting to issue by early April 2019.

I’m a pension member – will the transition affect my March or April payments?

Yes, if you had a payment scheduled for 8 April, this will be paid early, on 26 March. All other payments will remain as normal.

I have a term allocated pension - is anything changing?

For term allocated pension (TAP) members, online access to your account details won't be available after 26 March 2019, but you can call any business day between 8am-8pm and a consultant will be able to assist you.

I have a Guaranteed Income account - is anything changing?

For Guaranteed Income product members, online access to your account details won't be available after 26 March 2019, but you can call any business day between 8am-8pm and a consultant will be able to assist you. We'll notify you when online access resumes for your Guaranteed Income account.

Can I still make withdrawals through PensionOnline?

Any withdrawal requests we receive after 22 March 2019 are likely to be delayed until mid to late April. If you’d like to withdraw money before then, we recommend planning ahead and submitting your request before 5pm on Friday 8 March 2019.

Financial planning and advice
Will authorities stay in place?

 Yes, all current authorities will stay in place.

I have insurance - what does it mean for me?

The timing of your insurance premium deductions will change to be the last calendar day of the month. There is also a change to how insurance proceeds are invested in the event of a successful claim. See your Significant Event Notice for details.

I'm a personal plan member - what does it mean for me?

The same changes will apply to all personal plan and employee plan members. Check your Significant Event Notice and caresuper.com.au/changes2019 for details.

I've opted out of insurance - what does it mean for me?

There will be no changes in relation to insurance. All changes that will apply to you are outlined in your Significant Event Notice or on our website at caresuper.com.au/changes2019.

I have an exclusion - does it still apply?

Yes. The transition to Mercer will not result in any changes to your insurance cover.

My insurance has a loading - what does it mean for me?

 Your insurance loading will continue to apply.

Do the occupational codes still apply?

 Yes. The transition to Mercer will not result in any change to our occupational codes.

My Significant Event Notice says premiums will be calculated differently. Will I be paying more in premiums?

No, across a 12-month period you will be paying the same. The changes effectively will alter payment calculation periods from weekly to monthly. Previously some periods were 5 weeks and some 4 weeks. In the future, payment periods will be based on the number of days in each month. 

I have applied to increase my Insurance cover and I’ve not been told it is approved. Do I need to reapply?

No, all applications for increased cover have been passed on to the new administrator and will be processed. There may be a slight delay as the transfer of work occurs. 

I have an insurance claim in progress - what will happen with that?

We will continue to assess and resolve your insurance claim.

Communication to employers
Has CareSuper told my employer that you're moving to Mercer?

Yes. CareSuper sent communication to all employers that we have details for in mid to late January. They can continue to pay your contributions to CareSuper, and have been provided instructions on how to do this if they use CareSuper's existing systems.

Will my employer have to do anything?

The action your employer needs to take depends on how they currently pay you contributions. They should check our ‘Upcoming changes for employers’ page for details.

Can someone from CareSuper come out to my workplace to tell us about the changes?

Yes, we are always happy to visit our members at their workplaces. Simply ask your employer to get in touch with us and we will work with them to organise an appropriate time.