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How to find your perfect super match

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25 September 2018
How to find your perfect super match

With so much choice, how do you know you're with the right super fund for you? We're confident your account's in great hands, but what's important is that you feel the same way.

Here are four indicators of a super account that's acting in your best interests:

We work for you, not others

We're an industry super fund, so we're run to profit members. Not every fund works this way. At CareSuper, we're not trying to generate money for shareholders just your future. Over the last 10 years, Industry Super Funds have delivered on average around $15,000 more to their members than the average retail fund.1

We're strategic with your investments

It can be tempting to chase the cheapest fund. However, they may be skimping on areas that are important to you- like strategically investing your money. Our focus is on active investment management, so we're always hunting for investment opportunities in Australia and overseas that will add that bit extra to your return. We could just follow the ASX and give you the same results as a cheaper fund, but we know you expect more.

We have a track record of consistent results

It’s important to check the consistency of returns. One year performing at the top means exactly that. A single good year. You're going to want the best for your super for longer. Looking at a longer time period can give you a better picture of a fund's ability to deliver results. Our Balanced option is the top performer over 10 and 20 years, with annual average returns of 7.75% and 8.28%. That’s according to the SuperRatings July 2018 report.2 And that's while protecting your money, not chasing short­-term investments trends.

We're focused on the whole puzzle, not just one piece

Say you're buying a new TV. You'll weigh up a few things in your decision-making, like price and energy efficiency. Your super's no different. Low fees or strong returns alone don't always mean you'll have a bigger balance in the long run. It could come down to how they're working together. Look at the overall picture, or 'net benefit', instead. It’s the combination of consistent long-term returns, minus fees, that’s the truest indicator of performance. A higher net benefit literally means more money. The good news? You're already with a fund focused on net benefit performance. But don't just take our word for it. Use SuperRatings' comparison tool and compare us against other super funds.

Have super with other funds?

You can find and combine it into your CareSuper account in a couple of clicks.3


1 lnformation sourced from: www.industrysuper.com/compare/retail-super-funds/

2 SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) lndex, April July 2018.

3 Before combining your super into CareSuper you should consider whether this is r right for you and check if you will be charged any exit or other Fees. You should also check the impact on any insurance arrangements (such as loss of insurance) or other benefits.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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