Consolidating super funds

Consolidating super funds

Learn how to find and combine your super into one consolidated account.

Losing track of your super is easy to do, especially if you change jobs or move to a new address. We can help you find it and put it in your CareSuper account.

One account. One set of fees. What’s not to love?

Find and consolidate your super*

With a few clicks we can locate your super and consolidate it into your CareSuper account. All we need is your CareSuper membership number and a few personal details.

And if you don’t have your membership number handy, you can consolidate over the phone. Call us on 1300 360 149.

*Before combining your super into CareSuper you should consider whether this is right for you and check if you will be charged any exit or other fees. You should also check the impact on any insurance arrangements (such as loss of insurance) or other benefits.