What is MySuper?

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A simple super solution 

MySuper is an Australian Government superannuation initiative to provide low-cost and simple super products for employers to choose as their default super fund. MySuper options have basic features and fee structures, allowing members to compare funds easily based on cost, investment performance and insurance.

The good news is that CareSuper has been looking after members’ money in this way since 1986, so you know you’re in good hands.

New members who are happy for their super to be invested in CareSuper’s Balanced option will be MySuper members.

View our MySuper dashboard to learn more about the return, risk level and fees applicable to CareSuper’s Balanced option.

What is included for MySuper members?

CareSuper’s MySuper members automatically:

Tailoring your account

If you’d like something different from our default arrangement, it’s easy to ensure your super is right for you. You can:

  • Choose where your super is invested. CareSuper has a range of investment options.* You can even invest some of your super in your choice of shares on the S&P/ASX 300 Index – or a range of ETFs or term deposits – through the Direct Investment option. Please read the Investment Guide for details on possible differences in fees and risks for each option.
  • Add income protection and/or increase your cover by tailoring your insurance. New members can enhance their insurance within 90 days without providing medical evidence (certain limits apply).

For help making the right decision about your super, simply book a call-back from one of our financial planners. There’s no obligation to continue to full advice, and some advice is possible over the phone for no extra cost.

Keeping you informed

If you want to know more about CareSuper and how it’s managed, the information is all available – much of it here on this website. We’re proud of how we manage members’ money and are certain that our policies and governance methods are designed with members’ interests in mind.

Visit the ‘About us’ section for more information on our Board, policies and governance.

* Please note that if you make an investment choice and switch all or part of your super to a different investment option(s), the benefits, features and services available through your CareSuper account do not change. For example, you have access to the same insurance cover regardless of your investment choice. Before you make an investment choice, please be aware that CareSuper’s legal obligations regarding how our MySuper (Balanced) option is managed are different from our obligations for our other investment options. The superannuation laws specific to our MySuper option are intended to ensure that we have greater responsibility for members who do not make an investment choice.

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