Investment objectives and philosophy

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We focus on delivering consistent
long-term returns

Find out how we invest your super and what our philosophy is when it comes to managing your money for the long term.

  • Our investment philosophy

    With CareSuper you get a smoother ride

    Our investment philosophy guides our decision-making and helps us make sure we continue to build your retirement savings in line with your best interests. When it comes to investing, our philosophy is to:

    • Capture most of the upside when markets rise, while preserving members’ capital in volatile markets, and
    • Produce consistent returns that exceed inflation over the medium to long term.

    We aim to avoid extreme highs and lows, looking for sustainable yet reasonable returns in times of strong market growth and minimising members’ losses while markets are weaker and volatile. Each of our investment options has its own specific objectives. Find out more about CareSuper investment options.

  • Choose your own investments

    Choose how your super is invested or leave it
    to us

    As a CareSuper member you can choose how your super is invested based on your needs and goals and the level of risk you are comfortable with. If you don’t make a choice, your super will be invested in our default option – the Balanced option (known as the MySuper option from 1 July 2013).

    CareSuper offers you 13 investment options, consisting of seven Managed options, five Asset Class options and the Direct Investment option to cater for a range of different investment needs and profiles.

    Our Direct Investment option gives you greater control over your investments, allowing you to invest a proportion of your super in your choice of securities listed on the S&P/ASX 300 Index as well as a range of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and term deposits.

    You can choose one or a combination of options to create a strategy that suits your objectives, time frame and tolerance for risk.

  • Advice about the right option for you

    Make the most of your super with expert advice

    Before you switch investments, it might help to speak to a qualified financial planner to make sure you’re choosing an option that fits your personal investment profile.  CareSuper members can access super-related advice over the phone for simple matters at no additional cost.  Get in touch with a financial planner for super-related advice.

  • Responsible investing

    Responsible investing

    Be confident your money is being invested responsibly

    Responsible investing doesn’t mean sacrificing members’ returns.

    It’s about generating competitive returns, while taking into account environmental and social factors, and investing in companies that demonstrate strong corporate governance.

    At CareSuper, our aim is to deliver consistent returns and to invest responsibly. And we’ve taken concrete steps to ensure that you can be confident your money is being invested sustainably.

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