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Get social and connect with us!

Why social media?

We believe that social media gives us an opportunity to connect with members, employers and other people who are part of the online social community.

Part of how we communicate: Social media is an extension of how we communicate with you. We will continue to communicate to you by email, mail and through our website. Social media allows us to listen, respond, educate and build relationships with you online in a timely manner.

Get to know each other: we want to get to know you and help you

  • Meet CareSuper staff,
  • Find out what we’re about, and
  • Learn how we can help you.

Get news faster: social media lets us share the latest news, product updates and other information with you via the communication channel you prefer.

Add value: it’s not just about super. We can give you access to information and resources to help you reach your financial goals.

Code of conduct

We abide by our core values when connecting with you on social media.

We practise the following guidelines, and ask you to do the same when engaging with us.

Be respectful
Be fair and polite. Understand that not everyone will agree with you. Refrain from offensive, defamatory, threatening and hateful comments directed at us or others.

Be honest
We cannot always verify all information. All comments and views shared with CareSuper on social media are those of individual users and do not reflect the opinions of CareSuper.

Be relevant
Before commenting, ask yourself whether it’s relevant to the discussion. Spam and marketing is not allowed. If you’re not sure, don’t share it.

Be private
Do not share anything personal or sensitive (such as your phone number, address, membership details or bank account details) that you wouldn’t normally want the public to hear or see. Customise your pages so that they are accessible only to people you trust.

Follow the law
Do not post anything illegal.

Our rights

CareSuper reserves the right to remove comments that go against our code of conduct. We also have the right to block any user without notice, if we believe you are not following these guidelines.

The opinions expressed by users on social media are those of the authors and are not necessarily the official policy of CareSuper. We have the right to delete any comments you make on social media that go against our code of conduct. We reserve the right to block users at any time without notice, and for any reason.

Contact our online team directly with your questions or concerns, or to report any misuse, at

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