Your professional super fund

Your professional super fund

I spend 5 hours a day on TikTok. The rest are for study and sleep.

While you make time to study, let us focus on your super. We can help you now and throughout your career, to shore up your financial future.

Discover why we’re one of the largest industry funds for professionals.
Why care about super
Super is an automatic savings plan where almost 10% of your before-tax pay is invested. Over time, that adds up!
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Competitive long-term returns
Grow your super
Ask your employer to pay a little more of your before-tax salary into your super and watch your savings grow!
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Make small savings
Discover how much skipping a takeaway coffee or lunch today pays off tomorrow.
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We’re one of Australia’s best-performing funds over the long term.* 

*SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, December 2021. 


We believe in a simple but powerful equation:
competitive fees + smart, proactive investing = a bigger net benefit.

The result? Over 15 years to 31 December 2021, our Balanced option returned over $53,300 more than the average of all surveyed retail funds and outperformed the average of all surveyed industry funds by over $8,800.

CareSuper Balanced option earnings over 10 years: $144,886.00.

Average* of the retail super balanced options: $80,729.00

Carbon neutral awards

While you put your best foot forward, we'll offset your footprint with carbon neutral investments.

Join a super fund that cares about your future as much as you do.

Like you, we’re ethically minded and care about the future. We invest your super sustainably and responsibly. And we get results. Caring about the future isn't limited to your career, it's more than that (it's about the planet too). Our Sustainable Balanced option is for those who want a brighter future.

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Know More about Member Benefits & Investment Options
You’re in good hands with CareSuper. As an industry fund, we’re run only to benefit our members — no one else. 
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