The more super funds you have, the more administration fees you may be paying. And if you have life insurance with your old funds, you may be doubling up on premiums.

Consolidate your funds now to unlock a better future

By consolidating your super into one fund now, you can eliminate any unnecessary fees and premiums, which leaves more money in your super to grow for your retirement.

Take a look at the difference having multiple funds could make to your account balance over just five years here.

It’s easy to consolidate into CareSuper. Simply select one of the options below:

consolidate your super online

Log into MemberOnline, navigate to 'Consolidate online' and follow the prompts. The process is completely online if you supply your Tax File Number — you won’t even need to send us a form.


If you’re not already registered for MemberOnline, you can do so in minutes here.

download a transfer form

Select your other super funds online and we’ll pre-populate their details for you.


Don’t know your old super funds? Search for your lost super and consolidate it below.


Once you’re done, print and sign your Transfer forms and send them to us ensuring you supply any identification information requested.

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