QuickSuper FAQs

Find the answers to all your QuickSuper questions below.

How to use QuickSuper
How does QuickSuper work?

QuickSuper is an online portal that lets you make super payments by either file upload (for multiple employees) or by direct entry (for individual employees). You can make a corresponding payment using either direct debit or EFT. Once the contribution details have been submitted, QuickSuper will generate information on how to pay. Each nominated fund will receive the contribution data and payment information to allocate to the relevant member/s.

Does QuickSuper cater for all super funds?

Yes. QuickSuper caters for all super funds registered in Australia that can accept payment via direct credit or cheque.

Who is eligible to use QuickSuper?

Employers must be registered as a participating employer with CareSuper. If you already have a CareSuper employer number but have never previously completed a registration form with us, you’ll need to do so before signing up for QuickSuper. Call 1300 360 149 or contact our Client Partnership team for assistance.

Is there any cost to CareSuper employers to use QuickSuper?

No. QuickSuper is free of charge for all registered CareSuper employers.

How do I navigate QuickSuper?

Once you’re set up and logged in to QuickSuper, you can download the QuickSuper user guide, which explains how to navigate the site, from the ‘downloads’ section.

Submit super contributions
How do I generate a member number?

You can generate a member number using these steps:

Step 1: Log in to QuickSuper. From the home page, select ‘Daily Reports’ found under the ‘Reports’ section.

Step 2: Click ‘Search’ to find the ‘SuperStream response report’.

Step 3: Locate the relevant report that corresponds to when you made the contributions to CareSuper. Please note this report will usually be dated one business day after you submitted the contributions.

You can download the report by clicking the arrow icon on the right hand side. Column G in the spreadsheet will indicate which super fund the report relates to. Since you’re using the CareSuper QuickSuper clearing house for both default and choice contributions, you can expect multiple response reports depending on the response time from each super fund.

Step 4: Open the downloaded excel CSV file. Check the super fund is CareSuper in Row G. You can see the ‘Returned member ID’ in Row W.

Step 5: Consider updating the returned member number into your payroll system or into future contribution files that you submit.


How do I upload [files] to QuickSuper?

QuickSuper promotes two key methods for managing your employer contributions. File upload – Do you upload a payroll file to submit your contributions? If so, you can quickly begin remitting via QuickSuper. QuickSuper promotes the use of the industry standard ‘SuperStream alternative file format’ (SAFF) Direct/grid entry – Prefer to use the grid/table entry? If you’re happy to enter or to upload your employee information, you can enter your employer data directly into the online grid.

What happens if I need to pay for multiple entities?

As QuickSuper allows single and multi-employer accounts, we will combine any known entities under the one login. This is managed based on the primary email address held on the account.

Will I receive email confirmation once I submit payments?

QuickSuper does not send an email confirmation that a payment has been made to the nominated fund/s. However, if there are any errors you will be contacted via email. You can log in and view the history at any time to confirm payment status.

One or more of my employees has a self-managed super fund (SMSF) – can I use QuickSuper to pay them too?

Yes. QuickSuper can pay to a SMSF. You will need to register a SMSF in QuickSuper before a contribution can be made to it. This is done by registering the SMSF fund using the fund’s details. After we ask you to register with QuickSuper, you’ll be able to find step-by-step instructions on how you can do this in the QuickSuper user guide.

Contact support
Who can I contact if I need assistance now?

For assistance with QuickSuper, contact our customer service team on 1300 360 149 or client partnership team.

Why can’t I get through to the CareSuper call centre?

We’re really sorry we’ve kept you waiting. Our employer customer service team is currently receiving a high volume of calls, which are taking longer than usual to complete.

We’ve allocated several additional team members to assist with taking employer calls to help you get set up. This has helped us reduce wait times significantly, and we’ll continue to monitor and allocate resources to assist. We’ve also updated the frequently asked questions on this page, which we hope will help with some of your queries.

I can’t see all my employees in QuickSuper. Where did they go?

As part of the recent changes to our service providers and systems, when we set you up with a QuickSuper account, we pre-loaded all data for your employees who have their super paid to CareSuper. Unfortunately, due to privacy regulations, we are not able to access and upload the information you entered in relation to employees who are not CareSuper members, as we have no right to that information and we can’t extract it from the historic system.

While we’ve tried to reduce the impact of this change for employers, we recognise it is very inconvenient, and we apologise.

Please see the FAQ ‘How do I add my employees who are not CareSuper members’ to learn more about adding these employees.

Why can’t I generate a member account number for my employees anymore? How do I generate or locate a member account number for QuickSuper purposes?

The nature of our relationship with our new clearing house, QuickSuper, is different from SCH-Online in that it’s operated by a third party (Westpac) and doesn’t allow you to generate a member number for your employees up front.

To set up your employees with a new CareSuper member number in QuickSuper, simply submit a contribution for them and leave the Member Client Identifier field (member number) blank. We’ll set up your new employee based on the information you provide, generate a member number and allocate the contribution amount. We’ll then send a SuperStream message back to QuickSuper with the new member number for your employee.

We encourage you to monitor your SuperStream messages in QuickSuper whenever you make a contribution for an employee. Please read the QuickSuper user guide for instructions on how to retrieve SuperStream messages, including member numbers, from QuickSuper.

How do I add my employees who are not CareSuper members?

Any of your employees who are not CareSuper members will need to be added manually the first time you pay a contribution for them through the new system, or you can include them in a (SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF) or Employee upload file. The QuickSuper user guide, which you can find in the downloads section of the QuickSuper site, explains how to do this.

Please note if any of your non-CareSuper employees contribute to an SMSF, you’ll need to set up the SMSF in the QuickSuper system. Please refer to section 4.2 of the QuickSuper user guide for instructions.

Why am I getting contribution error messages?

If you’re receiving contribution error messages when attempting to submit a SAFF file, please refer to the QuickSuper SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF) v1.0 Specification document in the 'downloads' section of the QuickSuper site. Section 3.2 of the document includes further details and explains each error message.

*QuickSuper clearing house is a product owned and operated by Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 ("Westpac"), Westpac terms and conditions apply to the QuickSuper service which you will be asked to accept. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from Westpac upon request.