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Our approach to sustainability

Super is a long-term investment, so it makes sense that we take a sustainable approach to everything we do. Here’s how.

Responsible investing

As an Australian super fund, we have a fiduciary responsibility to invest our members’ money with their best interests in mind. This means aiming to maximise long-term returns, taking into consideration associated risks, such as  economic, market, and liquidity risk, as well as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks. We take a proactive, consistent and comprehensive approach to ESG as we believe that managing these risks will improve long-term returns to our members.

CareSuper members who are looking to invest in an option with an even greater emphasis on ESG factors can choose to invest in the Sustainable Balanced option. Our investment managers for this option use special criteria and screening processes to manage and select Australian and overseas shares.

And for a more active role, members are able to use the Direct Investment option to make their own choice of Australian equities investments in companies listed in the ASX 300, exchange traded funds and term deposits.

Learn more about how CareSuper invests responsibly here.

Got questions?

Visit our Frequently asked questions to learn more about CareSuper’s approach to investing sustainably.

Sustainability and members

CareSuper has been working hard to improve the way we communicate with members. As much as possible, we now try to keep members informed about their super via email. This minimises printing, which in turn reduces our impact on the environment.

At CareSuper, members have a range of environmentally friendly communication options available to them, both online and over the phone.

To receive online statements and keep up to date with the latest super news, members can provide us with their email addresses in MemberOnline or PensionOnline.

In the workplace

CareSuper feels strongly about incorporating environmentally friendly workplace practices into the day-to-day running of our office.

Some of our practices include:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive recycling system at CareSuper offices for paper, cardboard, co-mingled and organic waste
  • Recycling toner cartridges, batteries, IT equipment, mobile phones and other e-waste items
  • Using paper manufactured in an environmentally responsible way (where possible)
  • Taking energy ratings and efficiency into consideration when purchasing appliances (and donating appliances where appropriate to be re-used)
  • Considering the sustainability credentials of material service providers.

ESG Rising Star award

To support further development of responsible investment, CareSuper has partnered with the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) to create the Michael O’Sullivan ESG Rising Star award, in commemoration of the late CareSuper Board Chair.

The biennial award was established to recognise professionals within the profit-for-members super industry who have demonstrated commitment to the advancement of ESG considerations in managing retirement funds.

Our sustainability committee

CareSuper has a sustainability committee, which was formed by staff to ensure strong sustainability practices. The committee aims to raise awareness of sustainability issues within CareSuper’s offices and among members, suppliers and partners.

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