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Why should you care about insurance?

Life is full of surprises, so it’s important to plan for the unexpected, like if you get sick or injured and are unable to work. At CareSuper we make it easy. You can apply for death, total & permanent disablement (TPD) and income protection insurance through your super at competitive rates.

Keep in mind that this calculator only applies to default cover for Employee Plan members. If you have a Corporate Insurance arrangement, read your relevant Insurance Guide for information about your premiums.

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First, enter your date of birth and occupational category to determine the cost of your default cover. You can then calculate the cost of tailoring your cover, by changing the death and TPD cover amounts or adding income protection.

Your details

Date of birth:  i Age cover ceases:

Death cover – 70 years
TPD cover – 65 years
Income protection cover – 65 years

Job category:  i To determine your occupational category, answer the following questions:

1) Are the duties of your occupation limited to professional, managerial, administrative, clerical, secretarial or similar ‘white collar’ nature tasks which do not involve manual work and are undertaken entirely within an office environment (excluding travel time from one office environment to another)?

2) Are you earning in excess of $100,000 p.a. from your profession?

3 Do you:
a) Hold a tertiary qualification, or are you a member of a professional institute or registered as a practicing member of your profession by a government body?


b) Work in a management role?

If you answered no to all of the questions, you fall into the General category.

If you answered yes to Q1 you qualify for the Office category.

If you answered yes to Q1 and Q2, and to either Q3a or Q3b, you qualify for the Professional category.

The default occupational category is General. If you apply to change your occupational category, you will need to answer a few simple health questions. You will also need to meet criteria around the type of work you do, and your duties, education level and salary, to ensure you’re eligible to change your cover. You can apply to change your occupational category at any time by completing the Changing your occupational category form available at

Death and TPD insurance

Default cover provided i Eligible Employee Plan members receive default cover when they join CareSuper. See the Insurance Guide for more information.


Total & permanent disablement

Estimated weekly cost    

Did you want something different? i One of the ways you may be able to tailor your cover is by applying for ‘fixed cover’. With fixed cover, your amount of cover stays the same but the premium you pay increases with age. See the Insurance Guide for more information.

Death cover amount
(Enter an amount between
$10,000 - $10,000,000 and
in multiples of $1000*)

TPD cover amount
(Enter an amount between
$10,000 - $3,000,000 and
in multiples of $1000*)

Estimated weekly cost    
* Please note premiums will be calculated on cover rounded up to the nearest $1000.

Income protection cover

Enter your gross annual salary:
(between $16,000 - $423,530*)
You have indicated that you are in the Professional occupational category which means that you are earning in excess of $100,000 per year from your profession. Please amend your salary or occupational category. Refer to the CareSuper Insurance Guide for further information.

Calculated cover per month
based on 30-day waiting period until payments start and 2-year benefit payment period

Did you want something different?

Waiting period: 
Benefit payment period: 

Estimated weekly cost    
*If your annual salary exceeds $423,530 your income protection cover will be subject to maximum benefit restrictions. You can apply for income protection cover if you are aged under 65 and earning on an ongoing basis at least $16,000 p.a. or working 15 hours or more per week. For more information see the Insurance Guide.

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