Your Care Package

Your Care Package

I change jobs more regularly than I change my toothbrush.

Job hunting can be stressful but sorting your super doesn't have to be. You can get ahead with your super in under 10 minutes.  

A high performer like you needs a fund like us in your corner - here’s your care package.
Why care about super
Super is an automatic savings plan where almost 10.5% of your before-tax pay is invested for your future. Over time, that adds up!
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Competitive long-term returns
Grow your super
Ask your employer to pay a little more of your before-tax salary into your super and watch your savings grow!
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Make small savings
Discover how much skipping a takeaway coffee or lunch today pays off tomorrow.
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While you play to your strengths, we’ll play to ours

We’re one of Australia’s best-performing funds over the long term.* 

*SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, December 2020. 

A bigger net benefit

We believe in a simple but powerful equation:
competitive fees + smart, proactive investing = a bigger net benefit.

The result? Over 15 years to 31 March 2021, our Balanced option returned over $63,000 more than the average of all surveyed retail funds and outperformed the average of all surveyed industry funds by over $16,000.

CareSuper Balanced option earnings over 10 years: $145,472.00.

Average* of the retail super balanced options: $82,173.00

You might also like to check out what our Chief Investment Officer, Suzanne Branton, has to say about our investment performance.

CareSuper Investment update May 2021
Carbon neutral awards

While you put your best foot forward, we'll offset your footprint with carbon neutral investments.

Join a super fund that cares about your future as much as you do.

Like you, we’re ethically minded and care about the future. We invest your super sustainably and responsibly. And we get results. Caring about the future isn't limited to your career, it's more than that (it's about the planet too). Our Sustainable Balanced option is for those who want a brighter future.

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Ways to spend your tax return. Explores options from buying food and clothes to paying off a student debt and growing your super savings and maybe qualifying for a bonus contribution from the government.
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What net benefit means to your super if numbers make no sense to you
Net benefit is how much money you earn on your super contributions over time. Start with the investment return on funds in your chosen super fund account, subtract any fees, insurance fees and taxes and the leftover number is your net benefit. 
How to ask friends for work without decimating your relationship in the process
The workforce has become very competitive over the last year. If friends offer to put in a good word for you, make sure you’re clear about your service offer and have already set yourself up with a super fund and an ABN (if contracting).
How to know whether your boss is short-changing your salary
Find out the pay entitlements for your industry and make sure super contributions are going into your super fund account. You can also lodge an enquiry on the ATO website: Employee superannuation guarantee (SG) calculator tool
Toxic money habits to avoid
Some common bad habits to avoid if you want to build your finances long-term. Check your bank statements to make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t use. And consider consolidating your super to make sure you’re only paying one set of account fees. 
How much withdrawing your super early really cost you
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government allowed some people to access up to $20,000 from their super to keep them afloat. But what did that really cost them in the long run? Find out in this article.
How contributing extra to your super now can really set you up
The earlier you save super the more interest you’ll earn on it. Even the smallest contributions to your super now can make the biggest difference in 40 years’ time. Read about some ways to easily contribute. 
Everything you need to know about super
Some handy info about superannuation – oh and planning calculators so you can start thinking about when you’d like to retire and how much you’ll need to live life on your terms.
How to tell if you hate your job or if it’s just a case of New Year’s blues
It may be making you blue, but before you push the eject button on your job, consider sorting your savings, credit cards and, yes, even your super. 
Make sure you know where your money is and how much you need now and in the future.
What your super might be worth eventually
There are many options for people to add to their superannuation pie and making small contributions now can add up to large amounts by the time retirement comes. Check out some detailed calculators on MoneySmart and super fund websites like CareSuper to see how much your money might be worth in the future, and how the pension, your super, and your age all impact each other.