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Making it easy for financial planners

At CareSuper, we recognise that as a financial planner, you want access to information that can help you provide better service to your clients.

Whether your clients are CareSuper members, or you’re looking for information to recommend our products and services, we’re committed to helping you help your clients.

That’s why we’re making it easy for you to:

  • Manage your clients’ CareSuper accounts
  • Access all the information and resources you need
  • Get in touch with specialist staff to help you over the phone.

If you’re part of a dealer group and you’d like to find out more about partnering with CareSuper and the services we can offer your organisation, we are happy to discuss these with you. Please get in touch with our Executive Manager – Relationships and Growth, Paul Northey on 03 8623 0700 or email for more information.

Resources for planners

How your clients can give you access to their CareSuper account

Before we allow you to access your clients’ account details, we need their consent in writing. There are two ways your clients can give us their consent:

  1. They can complete the Authority to access information form, sign it and return it to us by post, or
  2. They can send us their signed instructions on your letterhead, either by email or by post.


  • The authority instructions must be addressed to CareSuper. They must be dated and signed by your client. They’ll need to initial any changes or amendments too.
  • Make sure the instructions include the following pieces of information, so we can correctly identify your client: Full name, CareSuper member number, postal address, date of birth, and contact phone number.
  • A copy of your client’s photo ID must be provided (eg. a current driver’s licence or passport). This ID does not need to be certified. 
  • Your access will last for 24 months, unless your client cancels it in writing or specifies a shorter timeframe. After 24 months has elapsed, your client will need to provide us with further instructions, if you still require access to their account details.
  • If you want other staff members from your practice to access your client’s account details, please specify this, so we can release information to any of your representatives.

Once we receive your client’s instructions and ID, we will update our records to show that their request has been recorded, and you will have access to their account details. We’ll also send your client a confirmation letter to let them know.

Please wait for confirmation from CareSuper before requesting access to your client’s details, as we can only provide this information to you once we have recorded their instructions.

Financial planning fees

If you provide financial advice to a client who is a CareSuper member, your financial planning fee may be deducted from your client’s account in certain circumstances. 

How to arrange for financial advice fees to be deducted from your client’s CareSuper account

You or your client can email us with the invoice. The invoice must:

  • Be addressed to CareSuper
  • Be on your business letterhead
  • Clearly show your client’s name and CareSuper account details (including their member number)
  • Clearly show the fee amount, inclusive of GST
  • Relate to superannuation-related financial planning services received by your client
  • Not contain any commission
  • Show your client’s consent for the fee to be deducted from their account, and
  • Be signed and dated by your client.

A copy of your client’s certified photo ID must also be provided. CareSuper will be unable to process payments until certified ID is received. Find out more about our certification requirements.

What is the maximum amount that can be deducted from your client’s account?

The maximum amount that can be deducted from your client’s account to pay for financial advice fees is $1500 (including GST) per financial year.  A minimum of $2000 must remain in your client’s CareSuper account after the fee has been deducted.

Invoices should be emailed to

For more information, please call CareSuper on 1300 360 149.


Forms & publications

More information

Awards and ratings

We’ve been awarded several impressive awards and achieved some notable ratings from a range of different agencies. View them all here.

Investment performance

CareSuper has a proud history of consistently strong investment returns. According to SuperRatings, our Balanced (MySuper) option’s 10-year average return places us in the top 5 of similar Balanced options.*

Investment option 10 year % p.a. 7 year % p.a. 5 year % p.a. 1 year %
Balanced 6.01% 9.64% 11.12% 11.70%

Returns to 30 June 2017. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and you should consider other factors before choosing a fund or changing your investments.

Take an in-depth look at our performance.

* As measured by the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, June 2017.


Default cover

Members who join CareSuper through their employer automatically receive default death and total & permanent disablement (TPD) cover (subject to meeting eligibility conditions).

Age Death cover TPD cover
15–29 1 unit   4 units
30–64 4 units  4 units
65–69  4 units -

Find out more about the insurance cover available to CareSuper members, including income protection and tailored cover here.

You can also calculate how much your clients’ additional death, TPD and/or income protection cover will cost with our handy insurance calculator.

The net benefit of a CareSuper account

Have you calculated the long-term effect of both returns and fees on your clients’ super savings?

The graph below demonstrates the difference that our consistent long-term returns and competitive fees can make on a balance of $50,000 over 10 years. CareSuper’s Balanced option delivered over $26,000* more than the average retail super fund over the past 10 years.

Competitive fees

Here’s a snapshot of the fees for our superannuation and pension products. For more details, please read Fees and other costs or the Pension Guide.

  Super products: CareSuper Employee Plan/Personal Plan Pension products: CareSuper Pension/Transition to Retirement Pension
Type of fee or cost


Entry/joining/contribution fee nil nil
Administration fee

$1.50 per week plus 0.19% per year (a cap of $500 per year applies).

CareSuper charges the same rate of Administration fees to all members.

$3 per week plus 0.19% per year (a cap of $1000 per year applies).

CareSuper charges the same rate of Administration fees to all members. 

Exit fee $40 $40
Applies to full pension account closures. This fee does not apply to regular pension payments or partial lump sum withdrawals.
Termination fee nil nil
Investment fee Investment fee of 0.03% to 0.21% depending on the investment option selected Investment fee of 0.03% to 0.21% depending on the investment option selected
Indirect cost ratio (ICR) Indirect cost ratio of 0.00% to 1.06% depending on the investment option selected Indirect cost ratio of 0.00% to 1.06% depending on the investment option selected

^Fee information is correct as at 30 September 2017. Please refer to the Member Guide PDS or the Pension Guide for details on all fees which may apply to CareSuper’s products.

Compare CareSuper

Want to find out if we’re the right fund for your clients? Use the RateMySuper# tool to compare CareSuper to over 200 other super funds. It’s a quick, free and easy to use service that compares our products and services against those offered by other super funds.

Compare CareSuper now.

# RateMySuper is offered by SuperRatings, an independent research company that provides tools to help super members make informed decisions about their super, as well as analysis and commentary to help super funds develop better products and services.


Other products and services

Financial advice

Providing your clients with the appropriate services for their needs is important. If, for any reason, you prefer to leave it to us, we can help. CareSuper members can obtain super-related advice** at no extra charge over the phone on a range of topics such as:

  • Investment choice
  • Insurance in super
  • Contribution strategies
  • Basic fund comparisons

Find out how CareSuper can help your clients access financial planning advice.

** Financial advice is offered through CareSuper’s relationship with Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS), and is provided by an authorisation under the Australian financial services licence of IFS, ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514.

Other products and services

Our members have access to a range of great products and services, including:

  • CareSuper’s Direct Investment option, which allows members to invest part of their account in listed securities and term deposits. With a wide range of available investment and sophisticated online access, this option gives members the flexibility to be actively involved in managing their super.
  • Exclusive rates on general insurance and discounted health insurance premiums through our partners
  • Low-cost, simple and straightforward banking products from ME.


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